Romantic Wednesdays: Small Town Romances With Local Flavor!

Leavenworth WA with flowersThere are many reasons why small town romances are so appealing. You don’t just get a standard happily-ever-after; you also get a chance to fall in love with a nice town while the couple falls in love with each other. Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Small Town Romances With Local Flavor!”

Romantic Wednesdays: Head versus Heart

Try as they might to avoid it, the hapless and headstrong individuals in the following tales are about to fall headlong in love. Step away from the stresses in your life, curl up in a comfortable chair, and join them.

Bet MeBet Me by Jennifer Crusie
After overhearing her slimy ex-boyfriend bet his good-looking friend Cal that Cal couldn’t sleep with her within a month, sensible shoe-fanatic Min decides to date Cal – and make both Cal and her ex look like fools in the process. If only revenge (and love) was that simple! Snappy dialogue, a loveable and intelligent main character, and amusing rom-com scenarios fill the pages of this well-deserved RITA award winner. Bet on this one.

Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Head versus Heart”

Romantic Wednesdays: Romance, with a little rocket fuel

Click here for view of cover of Star Trek Original SeriesSometimes I like my romances with a touch of rocket fuel. To put it another way, I like science fiction romance, or SFR. I’ve loved it since the original Captain Kirk chased his first alien around the Enterprise way back when, and my tastes probably aren’t going to change any time soon, or on any time-travel adventure. Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Romance, with a little rocket fuel”