#BookBingoNW2017: Genre That Is New To You

Figuring out what to read for this square is different for everybody and may take a little self-reflection. A tricky part is not launching yourself into The Land of Titles That Would Be Horribly Painful And I Would Never Finish, defeating the whole point of actually reading something.  I do recommend spending a few moments pondering your reading landscape and roughly mapping out the edges of your usual genre zones.  Once you know where you’ve been, then take a look at the suggestions below for discovering new territory- this is a great chance to ride the range, fall in Love in the Time of Dragons by Katie MacAlisterlove, witness history, travel through space, slay a dragon, or help a tabby solve a murder.

Not read many sexy dragon humorous romance novels lately? You’re in luck! In Love In The Time of Dragons by local author Katie MacAlister, a suburban mom wakes up in a strange place surrounded by people who insist she is a notorious ancient dragon named Ysolde de Bouchier. My favorite character: Jim, a snarky demon in the shape of a giant Newfoundland dog. Continue reading “#BookBingoNW2017: Genre That Is New To You”