The Novel: Live! 36 authors to create a novel in six days

Here’s your chance to read it as they write it: Tomorrow morning at 10 sharp, novelist Jennie Shortridge will write the opening lines of a new novel, something she’s certainly done before, but never in so public of a space. This time, Shortridge and 35 other local authors are writing on stage in The Novel: Live!  — and you can follow along online or in person to see this collaborative novel take shape. 

This novel project was launched by the Seattle7Writers, a group of novelists who have been kicking butt raising money for various nonprofits (The Novel: Live! project benefits 826 Seattle and Writers in the Schools) and creating pocket libraries.  As the countdown to the live novel writing project nears, we asked The Seattle7 to share their favorite writing books:

Tune in tomorrow to The Novel: Live! website to watch the creative process unfold in Seattle!

Nightstand Reads: Debut novelist Laurie Frankel shares her summer reading

We’re excited  about novelist Laurie Frankel’s debut novel, The Atlas of Love, the story of a young single graduate student in Seattle who becomes pregnant and with the help of friends raises her baby, Atlas. Library Journal said, “Frankel’s debut is a wonderful literary treat that offers a fresh twist on the modern family.” Laurie, who lives in the Central District and makes frequent trips to the Capitol Hill Branch, graciously shared her nightstand reading pile with us:

Currently Reading:
Away by Amy Bloom
Awesome — beautiful writing, great characters, epic and sprawling and with a surprise (at least to me) section set right in Pioneer Square

Flash Fiction: Very Short Stories, edited by James Thomas, Denise Thomas and Tom Hazuka
If you’ve never sampled flash fiction, I highly recommend it, especially for bus riders with motion sickness, parents of toddlers, cookers of dishes which need attention but also to simmer, and others who require bite-sized, Continue reading “Nightstand Reads: Debut novelist Laurie Frankel shares her summer reading”