Awesome Upcoming Children’s Fantasy Titles

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This is your ‘fair warning’ to get your ‘fantastic eyes’ on these great kids’ fantasy books and become a ‘reader’ before the latest installments come out.

I am insanThe Luck Uglies cover imageely excited for March 1st, and not because it is National Pig Day or the sixtieth day of the year. I am excited because the third installment of the Luck Uglies series by Paul Durham, Rise of the Ragged Clover, comes out that day. Who are the Luck Uglies, you ask? Think Robin Hood’s merry men with rough edges and questionable morals. But really the story revolves around a young girl named Rye, her village of Drowning, and some nasty Bog Noblins. The first two books, The Luck Uglies and Forked-tongue Charmers, are packed with action and adventure and a lot of fun. Continue reading “Awesome Upcoming Children’s Fantasy Titles”

Gift Books for Kids (Nonfiction is your friend!)

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If you are reading this post to get ideas about what book to gift a child for the holidays you are probably envisioning a fiction book. Maybe a classic like Treasure Island or an award winner such as Brown Girl Dreaming. And although I fully support loading a kid’s life with fabulous fiction books, I ask you not to forget the nonfiction. Children’s nonfiction has exploded in recent years and there are some amazing books that will fascinate and enthrall. Below are just a few of what you will find when you wander into the ‘fact section’. Continue reading “Gift Books for Kids (Nonfiction is your friend!)”

October Takeover: Halloween Traditions

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Tonight is THE night for the dead to crawl out of the underworld and roam the streets. Where are the best places to celebrate both in the US and around the world?

In the USA

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Sleepy Hollow, New York. As home of Washington Irving’s chilling tale about a headless horseman who terrorizes a school teacher, Sleepy Hollow takes its creepy reputation very seriously. A month of festivities include 7,000 hand carved jack –o-lanterns, cemetery tours, and dramatic retellings of the famous story.

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October Takeover: Fall Foods!

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One of the best things about the fall is eating. It is the harvest season but the cold weather also makes us want warm comforting food. Hot soups, filling casseroles and baked goods galore are what the fall is all about. Here are some cookbooks to help you eat your way through fall.

Find Hot Chocolate by Turback in the SPL catalogFind Hot Chocolate by Thompson in the SPL catalogLet’s start with a drink, shall we? When the weather gets cold, a toasty beverage can warm your soul. Hot chocolate is popular with kids and adults alike. Try one of the decadent recipes in these Hot Chocolate cookbooks from Michael Turback and Fred Thompson.

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October Takeover: Books About Bodies

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“It is difficult to put words to the smell of decomposing human. It is dense and cloying, sweet but not flower-sweet. Halfway between rotting fruit and rotting meat.” Mary Roach, Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

With a description like that it is not difficult to understand why most living people do their best to avoid dead people. Many cultures see the deceased as something to be hidden: covered by a white cloth, not fully shown in news photos, and wholly inappropriate to display in the front parlor. Other cultures have a different view of dying, and the bodies we leave behind. Here are some books that give you a glimpse into the culture of death.

Find Memento Mori in the SPL catalogFind The Empire of Death in the SPL catalogFind Heavenly Bodies in the SPL catalog Continue reading “October Takeover: Books About Bodies”