Movie Mondays: See the Movies of Tomorrow Today (In Your Mind)!

Click here to view Divergent in the SPL catalogHollywood looking to books for inspiration is not a “novel” idea. (Ahem.) Certainly the upcoming slate of 2014 theatrical releases is no different. After the runaway success of the Hunger Games and Twilight sagas, teen fiction will continue to provide fodder for the multiplex with adaptations of Vampire Academy, Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars, even Lois Lowry’s two decade old tale of dystopia, The Giver (starring Meryl Streep no less) coming down the pipeline over the next eleven months. Of course, we’ll also be seeing big releases of some of the most popular adult novels of the last several years, including Fifty Shades of Grey, and Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, the latter being filmed by Zodiac and The Social Network director David Fincher. I thought it might be prudent to mention some slightly lesser-read works so you can place that hold right now, before the rest of the city is on to you. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: See the Movies of Tomorrow Today (In Your Mind)!”