Science Fiction Friday: Winter Is… Here?

By Richard C. 

Even with summer waning, winter is coming has become a popular phrase, what with the ice-cold specter of death and desolation hovering over the latest installments of A SoIaF. Eagerly awaiting the release of Winds of Winter, know that the coldest season has long snowed up the pages of sci/fi, pages buried deeply in ice ages and harsh glacial landscapes, where the stark realities of winter are made utterly manifest on the struggling. I love struggle in sci/fi, and while winter may be merely coming for some, winter is here at your frozen fingertips below:

1) Nights of Villjamur by Mark Charan Newton. Just as an spreading ice age storms the edges of Villjamur, so too the swarms of refugees desperately circle the ancient city walls. Jamur Rika is now queen of Villjamur, and with a nonhuman ally she seeks to steer her kingdom through threats both within and coming fast from far beyond. I’m a sucker for setting in sci/fi, and had to keep my coffee close reading this one so my hands wouldn’t freeze. Continue reading “Science Fiction Friday: Winter Is… Here?”