Dragons, wolves and bears in love – oh my!

Are you stuck in the winter doldrums? Perhaps you need some sexy romance novels to spice up these last winter days – why not add some steamy shapeshifting surprises to raise the temperature?

Isabel Cooper has a number of books about the dragon shapeshifting clan the MacAlasdairs. Her latest trilogy, Dawn of the Highland Dragon, takes us back to medieval Scotland during its time fighting for autonomy – a fight to which the MacAlasdairs bring their special fire-breathing skillset. Highland Dragon Warrior, the first book in the trilogy, introduces us to Cathal MacAlasdair. With a friend cursed by a wizard, he must enter into a partnership with alchemist Sophia Metzger, sacrificing part of himself in the process.

In Silver Silence by Nalini Singh, Silver Merchant is a telepath and the head of an aid organization that responds to terrorism. When her life is threatened, a bear changeling clan takes her in to protect her. Protected in their heavily fortified compound, Silver comes into increasing contact with the alpha of the clan, Valentin Nikolaev. As Silver and Valentin leave the compound to track down a shadowy faction that wants to undermine a peace treaty, they’ll have to balance work and their attraction. This is a prequel to the long running Psy/Changeling series, and is a good place to hop in. Continue reading “Dragons, wolves and bears in love – oh my!”

Book review: Pure Blood by Caitlin Kittredge

pure-bloodWashington author Caitlin Kittredge (she lives in Olympia) takes readers on another trip to Nocturne City. In Pure Blood, the second book in her series about werewolf Luna Wilde, bodies of dead drug addicts are turning up around town. Luna knows these people are more than just victims of overdoses, and when the son of a powerful witch dies under the same mysterious circumstances, the stakes in the case are raised exponentially.

The Nocturne City series is really starting to come together in this second book. Where the first story, Night Life, had a tendency to be over-eager and a bit muddled in style, Pure Blood is fast passed, gritty and suspenseful. Even though Luna is essentially the same smart-aleck, abrasive character we’ve seen in most other urban fantasy stories, she also has enough vulnerability to make her interesting. Furthermore, she is not the most powerful creature in her magical world, and that is a refreshing change.

Fans of the Nocturne City series might also check out Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake, as well as Kittredge’s appearance at Seattle Mystery Bookshop on March 21.