Five novels our librarians suggest for holiday gifts

Three Northwest authors just happen to have written some of the hottest new books of the season, but we’re also including a British novel (with a Northwest connection!) and an Australian novelist for some international flair.

Blasphemy by Sherman Alexie
Alexie, one of Seattle’s most enigmatic and daring writers, combines 15 previous and 15 new stories in this volume. Perfect for the reader who enjoys literary fiction with a sharp wit. Continue reading “Five novels our librarians suggest for holiday gifts”

Audiobooks Obsession: Read by the Author

As a fervent believer in the “So Many Books So Little Time” school of thought, I can add to my scarcely allotted and woefully inadequate reading time by listening to audiobooks. I can get more books “read” by using commuting time, exercise time, household chore time (except vacuuming does not work too well) and time wasted playing Solitaire on the computer to listen to books. My current obsession is to listen to books that are read by the authors themselves. It is amazing to me that these writers not only write such wonderful books but they can perform their work beautifully as well. Continue reading “Audiobooks Obsession: Read by the Author”