Directed by Women, Northwest edition.

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This September, Seattle Public Library will be joining in a global celebration of women directors with a series of free film screenings around the city. A US News and World Reports study estimated that women made up only 7% of Hollywood directors in 2014, but in Seattle the industry is dominated by women who have broken through the celluloid ceiling. These directors often work collaboratively on their films, and the following is only a shortlist of the directors making movies in the Northwest.

Seattle Women in Film is a collection of the best short films by 21 Seattle women filmmakers in the indie film scene.

Director/writer/producer/actor Lynn Shelton’s latest movie Laggies was filmed in Seattle and stars Keira Knightley and Sam Rockwell. Shelton previously directed the awarding-winning Hump Day and Your Sister’s Sister. She wrote and directed her first film We Go Way Back way back in 2004. Continue reading “Directed by Women, Northwest edition.”

Movie Mondays: SIFF Turns 40


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This Thursday kicks off for the 40th annual Seattle International Film Festival. Over the next three weeks, Seattle will be awash in exciting events and fantastic films from all corners of the world. If you’re looking to supplement your festival experience, the Seattle Public Library is here to help. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: SIFF Turns 40”

Movie Mondays: Where to go after SIFF!?

Alas, the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival has come to an end, so where will you track down more great movies this summer? The Seattle Public Library, that’s where! Few of this year’s films are yet available, but SPL does have some from last year’s Golden Space Needle Award Winners. Three that I recently enjoyed were great for their unflinching treatment of contemporary social issues:

Click here to view Any Day Now in the SPL catalogAny Day Now
When a teenager with Down syndrome is abandoned by his mother, a gay couple takes him in and become the loving family he’s never had. When their living arrangement is discovered, the men are forced to fight a biased legal system to save the life of the child they have come to love as their own. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Where to go after SIFF!?”

Movie Mondays: Where are the women directors?

The film at SIFF’s closing night gala this year is The Bling Ring, directed by Sofia Coppola. I’ve known that women have been underrepresented as filmmakers, but when I stumbled upon this infographic recently, it was eye-opening: women directors have been nominated for an Oscar only 4 times in 85 years (Lina Wertmuller’s Seven Beauties, Jane Campion’s The Piano, Coppola’s Lost in Translation and Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker). Here are some other notable women directors whose films have earned praise.

See The Kids are All Right in the SPL catalogLisa Cholodenko earned Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for the screenplay to The Kids are All Right (2010). Nic (Annette Bening) and Jules (Julianne Moore) are a lesbian couple raising two kids when Paul (Mark Ruffalo), their biological father who anonymously donated his sperm, enters into their lives. The film excels when the controlling Nic, the flailing Jules and the wayward Paul engage in some of the funniest and sharpest dialogue (especially their arguments) to reveal three well-drawn characters. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Where are the women directors?”

Movie Mondays: Punk’s Not Dead!

Well, not at SIFF anyways. I always look forward to the festival’s music documentaries (which are conveniently grouped together by mood—“Face the Music” in this year’s event guide), and this year I noticed a common theme in the films that caught my eye: they’re all about PUNK in some shape or form.

If you love punk music, or are just curious about this multifarious musical movement, here are three must-see films that span several decades of punk history (and even continents!). Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Punk’s Not Dead!”