SPL Discoveries: Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

Find works by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding in the Seattle Public Library catalogI’m a big fan of the Hardcase Crime imprint, which has been publishing a succession of luridly jacketed vintage pulp fiction alternated with contemporary noir ever since their premiere title – Grifter’s Game by Lawrence Block – in the sultry summer of 2004. I also love Stark House, a small press publishing a steady stream of vintage crime fiction by such forgotten pulpsters as Day Keene, Harry Whittington, Stephen Marlowe, Wade Miller, and the prolific Peter Rabe. Continue reading “SPL Discoveries: Elisabeth Sanxay Holding”

SPL Discoveries: Craig Holden.

Okay, maybe we didn’t discover them, but here are writers,
old and new, that we wish more readers knew about. 

Find Craig Holden's Four Corners of Night in the Seattle Public Library catalogLibrarians have been known to carry concealed weapons; Craig Holden’s 1999 crime novel Four Corners of Night is one of mine.  Continue reading “SPL Discoveries: Craig Holden.”

SPL Discoveries: David Peace

Okay, maybe we didn’t exactly discover them,  but here are writers, old and new, that we’d love to see more readers to discover themselves.

Find works by David Peace in the Seattle Public Library catalog.It happens this way a lot at the library: call it serendipity in the stacks. I stumbled upon David Peace’s unsettling works quite by chance. Picking up a book titled Occupied City, I was arrested by a grim and grainy photograph inside the front cover showing a nurse standing in a snow covered street next to what one could just make out as a pile of corpses. Continue reading “SPL Discoveries: David Peace”