What we’re reading, November 2017

I feel lucky every day for a workplace where our casual conversations in hallways, before meetings and over the water cooler (if we had one) are regularly about what we’re reading. Periodically there’s a call-out on our staff message board asking people to chime in with what they’re reading and loving — the books that they’d like other readers to know about. Here’s our most recent one: What we’re reading at SPL this month (November 2017 edition).

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What We’re Reading: Staff Suggestions

As you might guess, many library staff are big readers. Here is a selection of what some of us are reading and enjoying these days, and why. Find a longer list of staff favorites in our catalog.

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Looking for events in Seattle?

~posted by Anne C.

Seattle is a dynamic city, with enough going on throughout the year to pique anyone’s interest—but when you’re new in town, or have been here a while and want to break out of your routine, it can be a challenge to find just the right show, reading, club gathering, or event to plug into. This can be especially true when you find yourself newly in charge of a small child, a relative of a different generation, or any out-of-town guest with tastes much different from your own.

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Romantic Wednesdays: Staff Picks

For the past two years we have been highlighting the robust and diverse romance genre on Wednesdays. Despite its staggering popularity, the romance genre doesn’t always get respect or recognition from mainstream press and book awards. It’s been our goal with this column to give romance the love it deserves (pun intended) and acknowledge its massive readership, which includes many librarians at The Seattle Public Library. As we prepare to take a hiatus from this regular column, we asked these librarians to give a shout out to some of their favorite books and authors. Feel free to share some of your favorites in the comments, and happy (ever after) reading!

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Columbia Branch Staff’s Favorites

The Columbia Branch staff put up a popular Staff Picks display throughout July to celebrate this year’s Summer Reading Program. Here are some of the books the Columbia Branch staff loved:

Find "Blankets" in the SPL catalog.Blankets by Craig Thompson
This graphic novel tells a story of coming of age, first love and early adulthood. Thompson captures those timeless themes perfectly in a comic strip form that has won resounding acclaim from both critics and general readers. Continue reading “Columbia Branch Staff’s Favorites”