Startup Weekend EDU From an Educator’s Perspective

melanie-sweduMelanie Kong is an Engineering/Math Teacher at the Tesla STEM High School in Lake Washington School District and co-founder of Floop, winner of the 2015 Seattle Startup Weekend EDU and Global Startup Battle Education track. This year’s Startup Weekend EDU is just around the corner, November 18-20, at the Seattle Public Library.

Last Year, Startup Weekend EDU started with rapid-fire pitches. In one minute each, participants shared their idea for improving education. One problem pitched by an educator jumped out to me: Teachers don’t have enough time to give the high-quality feedback that students need. Floop would enable a fast feedback loop between students and teachers. As a high school math and engineering teacher, I related with this problem all too well. I was even carrying around my paper stack of 150 quizzes with the hope that I could grade during downtime.
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Getting Educated on Startup Weekend EDU

~posted by Di Z.

One week ago, The Seattle Public Library hosted another successful Startup Weekend EDU Seattle. For the second year in a row, participants gathered at the Central Library throughout the weekend to tackle issues in education and craft amazing presentations for Sunday’s finale.


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Looking back on Startup Weekend EDU Seattle

By Jay L.

Imagine 80+ people running around an auditorium with giant post-it notes and sharpies voting on ideas with smaller post-it notes and seeking collaborators to work on their education projects.  This was the Friday night pitch chaos during Startup Weekend EDU Seattle.  Of the forty-seven ideas that folks threw out into the room, eleven attracted teams to champion them.

1P1540411smIt didn’t stop at the idea, though; these folks rolled up their sleeves spent really long hours at the library testing the viability of their solutions together.  One group built a tracking device for special needs students.  Another, a system to help teachers organize student work and learning behaviors.  There was robotic arm, and a team creating a system to engage students to program it.  One team even built a tool to help younger kids write book reviews.  It was all fueled by great food and caffeine, of course! Continue reading “Looking back on Startup Weekend EDU Seattle”

Startup Weekend in a Startup Community Library!

startup weekendI just finished a great read for those passionate about supporting startups in any community.  Startup Communities, by Brad Feld, relies on the example of Boulder, Colorado to illustrate how a community can help startups thrive.  I was happy to see that the book acknowledges Seattle as another example of a community friendly to startups, and many of the concepts and efforts presented in the book will resonate with those involved in local startup efforts – you know who you are! Continue reading “Startup Weekend in a Startup Community Library!”