Looking back on Startup Weekend EDU Seattle

By Jay L.

Imagine 80+ people running around an auditorium with giant post-it notes and sharpies voting on ideas with smaller post-it notes and seeking collaborators to work on their education projects.  This was the Friday night pitch chaos during Startup Weekend EDU Seattle.  Of the forty-seven ideas that folks threw out into the room, eleven attracted teams to champion them.

1P1540411smIt didn’t stop at the idea, though; these folks rolled up their sleeves spent really long hours at the library testing the viability of their solutions together.  One group built a tracking device for special needs students.  Another, a system to help teachers organize student work and learning behaviors.  There was robotic arm, and a team creating a system to engage students to program it.  One team even built a tool to help younger kids write book reviews.  It was all fueled by great food and caffeine, of course! Continue reading “Looking back on Startup Weekend EDU Seattle”