Tinkering Toddlers: Activities for At Home Play

A wicked cold, snow, and a closed daycare was making me a stir-crazed mama. I needed ideas to keep my kiddo’s brain learning and his body moving. I found a wonderful collection of books from the Library that gave me the boost and inspiration I needed to be the fun mom! 

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Create Crafts with Things You Have At Home

A lot of us are home right now with little ones and are searching for some inexpensive entertainment. If you are a patron of the Montlake Library, you may have seen a rotation of crafts and projects in our children’s area. Most of these programs need only simple supplies that you might already have on hand. Hopefully, these projects can help your family cure a bit of the isolation blues while our libraries are closed. We have included links to e-books you can access now and and print books you might find helpful once we re-open!

Fingerprint art:

Passive program fingerprintIf you have a stamp pad, try using your fingers instead of traditional stamps! Colored pencils, markers or pens can be used to create a multitude of animals or designs. The possibilities are endless with some imagination.  For more fingerprint ideas try Ed Emberly’s Fingerprint Drawing Book or ProjectKid: 100 Crafts to Make With Your Kid

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Summer fun with science — for adults, too

wolves in the land of salmon Frankenstein's CatFabricated Our Summer of Learning Program

for children is a terrific way for families to explore STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) as well as STEAM (STEM with an art component).The Library has many free science resources for adults, too.

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Summer of Learning: Zone in This Summer!

On June 23rd, the Seattle Public Library will be launching a brand new Summer of Learning program!

Zone in Graphic

Zone In: Explore, Create, Connect!

So, what’s so new and exciting about this summer program? This year, SPL is taking reading to whole new level! Many of you may have heard about a new focus in education and libraries called STEM, an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. More recently STEM has transformed into STEAM which includes the all-important “art” component which encourages ingenuity and design within the STEM framework. So, not only will the youth of Seattle be encouraged to read this summer, but also explore the world around them through science, create new and exciting projects – anything from poetry to robots, and also connect with new ideas through innovative programming offered at our libraries. Continue reading “Summer of Learning: Zone in This Summer!”