Summer Time When the Reading is “Natural”

chi_sol_banner_575When Children’s and Teen Librarians visit schools before summer vacation begins, we are often armed with a plethora of “good reads” and entice the kids to come to their local branch to check them out.

The Summer of Learning program this year proclaims “Astounding Tales of Nature!”  The “oohs and ahs” that came from the kids I visited in some schools were most audible when I showed them true stories of amazing animals.  This included Courageous Canine! And More True Stories of Amazing Animal Heroes by Kelly Milner Halls. The story she wrote of Lilly, the companion Pit Bull, who lost its leg trying to save her human friend, brought some to tears. The eye-popping photos in the book, Pink is for Blobfish by Jess Keating showcases unimaginably pink creatures of the natural world like the naked mole rat and pygmy seahorses. Another book that garnered rapt attention was Out of the Woods:  A True Story of Unforgettable Events by Rebecca Bond. The unbelievable phenomenon of humans and animals standing together in a lake as a wildfire raged before them was enough to quiet even the most raucous crowd. Other books of keen interest include Orangutan Orphanage by Suzi Esterhas, Weird Birds by Chris Earley and The Great Monkey Rescue by Sandra Markle. Continue reading “Summer Time When the Reading is “Natural””

I’ll be at the Zoo, will you?

As this hot, sunny summer is drawing to a close, have you picked up your free zoo tickets yet? Any participant in our Summer of Learning program for children or teens is eligible to receive two free tickets (while supplies last) to Woodland Park Zoo!

How do you get them? Fill out a simple survey by Thursday, Sept. 10.

wild scienceFind surveys at your local library:

  • On the back of Summer of Learning activity booklets
  • On the fliers for early learners
  • On the teen program fliers
  • Or online at

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Wild Science! Summer of Learning at the Library!

Can it be summer already? We’re gearing up for a fantastic summer of fun and learning, with programs and classes for kids and teens, with activity booklets and book giveaways and this year, for the first time, a partnership with Woodland Park Zoo — yes, that means free zoo tickets, come August, while supplies last. Today the website for all things Summer of Learning went live — which is a marrrrvelllous preview for events that start on June 15. Let’s stop the summer slide, but have a great time doing it!

Click here to go to the Summer of Learning, Wild Science! website


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Summer of Learning: Zone in This Summer!

On June 23rd, the Seattle Public Library will be launching a brand new Summer of Learning program!

Zone in Graphic

Zone In: Explore, Create, Connect!

So, what’s so new and exciting about this summer program? This year, SPL is taking reading to whole new level! Many of you may have heard about a new focus in education and libraries called STEM, an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. More recently STEM has transformed into STEAM which includes the all-important “art” component which encourages ingenuity and design within the STEM framework. So, not only will the youth of Seattle be encouraged to read this summer, but also explore the world around them through science, create new and exciting projects – anything from poetry to robots, and also connect with new ideas through innovative programming offered at our libraries. Continue reading “Summer of Learning: Zone in This Summer!”