What to Eat with your Beer for the Super Bowl

~posted by Frank

It’s Super Bowl weekend. If you’re a football fan, it’s time to grab a beer and settle in for the game. If you’re a Seahawks fan, you may want to drown your sorrows in a beer. If you’re not a football fan, what better way to pass the time than with a beer? Here are six books that elevate beer as a sophisticated drink to pair with food. Continue reading “What to Eat with your Beer for the Super Bowl”

Got Seahawks Playoff Fever? We’ve got the Cure!

Well, we made the playoffs, and your library couldn’t be more excited! If you’re looking for a place to watch the game, we’ll be showing the NFC Wild Card Round this Sunday, January 10 at our Central Library’s Microsoft Auditorium. The game starts at 10:05; enter at the 4th Avenue entrance anytime after 9:45 a.m. (No tickets are required).

Hawks Crowd

Continue reading “Got Seahawks Playoff Fever? We’ve got the Cure!”

Proud Reflections on the Superbowl

Superbowl Crowd in the Library Auditorium

~posted by Anne C.

The Superbowl did not go Seattle’s way, but as we shake off our mourning I think there is a great deal we can, and should, take pride in—not just as a sports team, but as a city. Continue reading “Proud Reflections on the Superbowl”