Thrillers for every taste, part 2.

In last week’s post featuring ninety diverse suspense writers, I made the point that there are many different kinds of thrillers out there. Here are eighty more of today’s best and most thrilling writers grouped for various tastes, and still we’ve only scratched the surface:

Thrillers for every taste, part 1

A thriller’s a thriller, right? Wrong! Very different things set each reader’s pulse racing. Here are some of our favorite writers in a wide array of suspenseful fiction, with suggestions for further reading; tune in next week for part 2.

Thrilling Chilling Winter Stories, Live!

Vintage Mystery Cover courtesy of TonySanchez via FlickrThis Winter, Thrilling Tales (the Library’s storytime for grownups) has got some great tales of crime and suspense lined up by masterful storytellers of today and yesteryear. We’ll have arctic adventure, unspeakable terror, hitmen, con-men, stick-up artists and librarians! Yes, that’s right – on Monday January 28 we will be having a special storytime dedicated to libraries and librarians, and coinciding with the American Library Association’s Midwinter Conference, meeting in Seattle that weekend.  Continue reading “Thrilling Chilling Winter Stories, Live!”

SPL Discoveries: Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

Find works by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding in the Seattle Public Library catalogI’m a big fan of the Hardcase Crime imprint, which has been publishing a succession of luridly jacketed vintage pulp fiction alternated with contemporary noir ever since their premiere title – Grifter’s Game by Lawrence Block – in the sultry summer of 2004. I also love Stark House, a small press publishing a steady stream of vintage crime fiction by such forgotten pulpsters as Day Keene, Harry Whittington, Stephen Marlowe, Wade Miller, and the prolific Peter Rabe. Continue reading “SPL Discoveries: Elisabeth Sanxay Holding”