Startup Weekend EDU From an Educator’s Perspective

melanie-sweduMelanie Kong is an Engineering/Math Teacher at the Tesla STEM High School in Lake Washington School District and co-founder of Floop, winner of the 2015 Seattle Startup Weekend EDU and Global Startup Battle Education track. This year’s Startup Weekend EDU is just around the corner, November 18-20, at the Seattle Public Library.

Last Year, Startup Weekend EDU started with rapid-fire pitches. In one minute each, participants shared their idea for improving education. One problem pitched by an educator jumped out to me: Teachers don’t have enough time to give the high-quality feedback that students need. Floop would enable a fast feedback loop between students and teachers. As a high school math and engineering teacher, I related with this problem all too well. I was even carrying around my paper stack of 150 quizzes with the hope that I could grade during downtime.
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Science Fiction Friday – Technophiles Unite!

By Richard C.



We might very well laugh at how “flying cars” symbolized technological progress 100 years ago, or, we might think about our own symbols (fusion power, singularity, etc.) and then wonder hey what’s the damn holdup here! Physicist John Grady finds one disturbing reason for the holdup when his major discovery in gravity reflection alerts a secret menace far more devious than any alien – the Bureau of Technology Control. From the depths of a secret prison, Grady meets other dangerous minds and plans escape – both for them and for technological advancement. Continue reading “Science Fiction Friday – Technophiles Unite!”

Science Insight – Science Databases

DNA sculpture at Seattle Science Center - photo courtesy of Jay L.Gale Science in Context (formerly The Science Resource Center) is a one-stop science database for all your science-related research needs. This in-depth, curriculum-oriented, resource focuses on key concepts taught in school classrooms, including…

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Environmental Science
  • Health and Medicine
  • Math and Technology
  • Physics and Astronomy

In addition to these six major subjects, the revamped database main page provides access to approximately 390 preselected topics ranging from “abortion and family planning” to “zoology.” It also presents more complex topics such as “reflection, refraction, diffraction and wave interference.” Searchable content includes images, academic journals, experiments, news, magazines, statistics, videos, audio plugs and websites.

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Technology and its impact on the future of libraries

How has technology changed the way information is searched, organized and delivered?
How can we ensure information in all formats will be available to everyone?
How can libraries stay relevant in the 21st century?

Attend a free panel discussion at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 8 at the Central Library, and join the conversation about the Library of the future. Send questions now for panelists to