The Art of Protest: Artists Art Protest

Between The Dead Eye and the Deep Blue Sea, there are artists who step back, survey the temperature of the times, put their fingers on the pulse and paint, write, compose, all the while Regarding the Pain of Others.

There are artists who take to the streets, join the ranks of The Resisters. They can be seen Disturbing the Peace as they Rage Against the Machine.

This a Report from Planet Midnight. It contains the Tales of Two Americas, whose cities, suburbs and towns are populated with Little Gods, Ninth Street Women and a Barefoot Artist.

Artists are everywhere, working, honing their visions in times of peace and discord. We depend upon the visions of artists to help us gain further clarity about the world in which we live. Artists art protest in many different forms, genres, disciplines and modes of communication. Art is about communication and connection to ideas, schools of thought, graphic representations and the way folks move through life. Continue reading “The Art of Protest: Artists Art Protest”

The Art of Protest: The Language, Music and Images of Civil Discontent

Joining a protest is personal and a public event. People from all ages and all walks of life take to the streets calling for societal change. Throughout history worlds of people have marched, from handfuls to millions with voices raised, through cities and towns.

When The People Speak, heads turn. Everybody is filled with a heightened awareness. What message is being sent? Who is speaking as a shouting crowd of onlookers responds? From a singular voice to multitudes, the sounds of a protest command attention. There is more than one way, however, to be heard.

Artists speak through their work, seeking to capture the tenor of their times. A protest march can be a dramatic affair incorporating music, chants, costumes and signs. A throng of people stride through the center of town, disrupting business, blocking traffic, calling attention to a cause. How do you know they’re coming? Drumbeats and chants sound through the air long before the first row comes into view. Continue reading “The Art of Protest: The Language, Music and Images of Civil Discontent”