October Takeover: Literature in Horror Films – from Book to Scream

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October is synonymous with horror movies, but horror is a tricky label to apply to literature. Often relegated as less legitimate, horror injects itself seamlessly into many genres – literary fiction, sci-fi, erotica or paranormal. In honor of the scariest month of the year and a genre that refuses to be narrowed down, here are some of the best films that link horror to the slipperiest character of all: the author.

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (1970 Dario Argento). Some may call this Argento film tame in comparison to his later horror masterpieces, and they may be right. But the master’s first feature film is full of frightening images, trickery and above all art. The story centers around a British author in Italy trying to work on his latest book. Totally unsuspecting, he witnesses an attempted murder (at night but in bright floodlights and behind clear glass). Everything about the film is a puzzle and misleads the character and the audience numerous times. The scares are fleeting but intense, and sets the stage for more meaty scenarios to come. Continue reading “October Takeover: Literature in Horror Films – from Book to Scream”

Movie Mondays: Don’t Care How…I Want it NOW!

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The Spoiler returns after the Holiday Season, wondering if it all had something meaningful to impart about the future and our well-being?

With no quick and easy answers available, I decided to work in the opposite direction.  What theme could emerge from the random movies I watched in the last month?  The pattern revealed itself completely by accident.

The Answer is: NOW. Here are three movies from different eras and genres that feature the present tense in their titles. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Don’t Care How…I Want it NOW!”

Movie Mondays: Holiday Edition from “The Spoiler”

By now, most everyone knows of both a traditional approach and perhaps a more cynical view of the holidays. Here are a few alternatives to the usual classics that may still brighten your days and lift your spirits, if you are so inclined.

The Capra classic It’s a Wonderful Life emphasizes the power of redemption and celebration in troubled times. Jacques Demy’s through-composed musical from the 60s, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg veers away from a traditional musical in a number of ways, yet still retains beautiful colors, composition, plaintive melodies and plenty of romance. Why is this a holiday pick? The snow falls at the end…and if there’s a dry eye by the last note, you’re truly a Grinch.   Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Holiday Edition from “The Spoiler””