Let’s talk time

Sunday morning saw us fall back from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time, setting our clocks back an hour. It reignited the biannual discussion in my house about the wisdom (or lack thereof) of time change, the history of time, the whole shebang. With time on my mind, I pulled together these books for your consideration, with topics ranging from time travel, to reincarnation, to the chance to live your life a second time.

Time Travel: A History by James Gleick is a reflection on the “flow” of time and time travel as pondered by poets, philosphers, physicists, and television characters, from  H.G. Wells to Jules Verne, Philip K. Dick to Doctor Who. Continue reading “Let’s talk time”

125th Anniversary Series: What We Were Reading in 1891

2016 marks the 125th anniversary of The Seattle Public Library. After it was adopted as a department of the city in 1890, the Library opened its first reading room in Pioneer Square on April 8, 1891. To honor this milestone, we will be posting a series of articles here about the Library’s history and life in the 1890’s. We also encourage our patrons to share their favorite memories of SPL on social media using the hashtag #SPL125. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest. – editor

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a time machine back to the 1890s? You can! When we read like people in the 1890s, we see the world through their eyes. Go there now, via titles that were all the rage in the Gilded Age: Continue reading “125th Anniversary Series: What We Were Reading in 1891”

Science Fiction Friday: Time Is On Your Side, Yes It Is

~Richard C.

My favorite part of the recent movie Interstellar (semi spoiler alert) was the character development when time started passing differently in the plot. Nothing terribly new about this in SF, but capturing the stark emotional realities of time in human space travel – this I found utterly moving (well, nearly exhausting after a 169 minute movie, plus previews). So this week we’re taking on the time and generational mission trope, and here are some gems to consider:

Yalda lives in a universe distinctly unlike our own. Light operates differently, as do sexual reproduction, birth control, writing, and much much more. When Yalda’s world faces a mysterious and immediate threat from above, only a sufficiently fast ship can put time on Yalda’s side. Winner of the 1995 Campbell Memorial Award for his book Permutation City, Greg Egan puts the difficult in Hard SF, with even a few graphs and formulas throughout our text. Any lovers of physics, believers in more women in science, or fans of The Gods Themselves by Isaac Asimov – this book is for you. Continue reading “Science Fiction Friday: Time Is On Your Side, Yes It Is”

Romantic Wednesdays: Geeks in Love, or, Talk Nerdy to Me

nerd in shining armor by vicki lewis thompsonWe all have an image in our minds when someone mentions the words “geek” or “nerd”. Someone socially awkward, but technically adept, someone who knows a lot about something very obscure, and possibly even science fictional, but is clueless about the social niceties.

Usually a hero with a difficult time reaching a happy ever after with the person of his dreams. Sometimes the geek is a girl, and she has even more trouble. But geeks are just as good at studying any subject that they set their minds to, especially the ones they set their hearts on! Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Geeks in Love, or, Talk Nerdy to Me”

Romantic Wednesdays: Time Travel Romance

The great thing about time travel romance is that I can go back to it again and again. And I probably will!

There are oodles of different versions of time travel romances, and time travel stories in general. One variation that incorporates very cool elements of romance and conspiracy are time travel stories involving organizations that control time travel.Dr Who

Think of the mob in the movie Looper, or the Time Lords in Doctor Who. The idea that time travel is not just possible, but that the technology is available and that there are groups manipulating time makes for tremendous conflict.

What war would be bigger than a time war? And wars create great love stories, don’t they?

Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Time Travel Romance”