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Let’s talk time

Sunday morning saw us fall back from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time, setting our clocks back an hour. It reignited the biannual discussion in my house about the wisdom (or lack thereof) of time change, the history of time, … Continue reading

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125th Anniversary Series: What We Were Reading in 1891

2016 marks the 125th anniversary of The Seattle Public Library. After it was adopted as a department of the city in 1890, the Library opened its first reading room in Pioneer Square on April 8, 1891. To honor this milestone, we … Continue reading

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Science Fiction Friday: Time Is On Your Side, Yes It Is

~Richard C. My favorite part of the recent movie Interstellar (semi spoiler alert) was the character development when time started passing differently in the plot. Nothing terribly new about this in SF, but capturing the stark emotional realities of time in … Continue reading

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Romantic Wednesdays: Geeks in Love, or, Talk Nerdy to Me

We all have an image in our minds when someone mentions the words “geek” or “nerd”. Someone socially awkward, but technically adept, someone who knows a lot about something very obscure, and possibly even science fictional, but is clueless about … Continue reading

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Romantic Wednesdays: Time Travel Romance

The great thing about time travel romance is that I can go back to it again and again. And I probably will! There are oodles of different versions of time travel romances, and time travel stories in general. One variation that … Continue reading

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Time travel simplified

Back back back back back back back back in time                                                 I can dream, it’s a simple thing                                                                                          I’m building a time machine… The ad reads: Wanted: Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. P.O. Box … Continue reading

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Science Fiction Fridays: The past is never past

                             “The past is obdurate.”                                                                 ― Stephen King I love a good time travel story. And I mean all sorts of time travel stories. I like the ones where people go back in time to change things in their … Continue reading

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