Taking Me Back

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day over our love of Spam. One year for her birthday her husband bought her a sampler pack of 12 different varieties! That was something new I learned – I had only ever known of the true blue original can. Growing up my mom used to mix spam, shredded cheese, and mayo together and place it on an English muffin then pop it in the oven where it got melty and crunchy. It was delicious!

That got me thinking about other recipes I enjoyed growing up – the ones my mom learned from her mom and on and on it goes. Here are a few books in our collection that highlight those recipes with a modern twist: Continue reading “Taking Me Back”

It’s going to get a bit brighter around the city …

Several places light up in downtown Seattle this Friday —  at 5 p.m., to be exact. There’s the 22nd Annual Tree Lighting Celebration at Westlake Center, the Space Needle Tree Lighting Celebration of a 35 foot tree with 1,200 lights, and the Macy’s Star Lighting Ceremony of its 161 foot high, 4,300-bulb decoration along with fireworks. You may be curious, like I am,  about some of the origins of holiday tree lighting. Here are some informative Internet and Library resources.

Loads of information is on the Christmas Tree Facts web site of the University of Illinois Extension. For example, Thomas Edison’s assistant, Edward Johnson, Continue reading “It’s going to get a bit brighter around the city …”