A Taste of Turkey from the Seattle Room Menu Collection

~posted by Jade D.
Melody Lane menu, 1951
Looking for inspiration for your Thanksgiving menu? Take a look at our Seattle Room Menu Collection to start gathering ideas for your turkey dinner from some of Seattle’s historic restaurants. Continue reading “A Taste of Turkey from the Seattle Room Menu Collection”

Where East Meets West

For hundreds of years, Turkey has been a crossroads between European and Asian culture, politics, business and art. Turkey’s influence has also been wide-ranging– the Hungarian fondness for paprika is a remnant of the time that Hungary was part of the Ottoman Empire, and the pungent spice was brought to its citizens from the motherland. This identity as a point of intersection has become a crucial aspect of political affairs in today’s Turkey. Turkey is one of the few countries that can have mainly positive relationships with European, Asian and Middle Eastern countries simultaneously, even as they war against each other. Continue reading “Where East Meets West”

Which books to bring?

acropolis-photo-by-wallygWhenever I plan a trip, the first thing I consider is which books to bring with me. I want books that are pertinent to my travels as well as books that will entertain and inform me—and comfort me in my strange and scary new environment. Also, for obvious reasons they must be in paperback. I then spend a considerable amount of time wringing my hands mentally packing my carry on.

Later this spring my husband and I are planning a trip to Turkey and Continue reading “Which books to bring?”