Flaked Soundtrack Appreciation

Flaked_posterWe don’t have a cable television home, but the boyfriend and I do have Apple TV, so we like to occasionally choose a new show to watch together. He binge watches CSI when I work my late nights and I binge watch Shameless on my days off, but it’s nice to have something to enjoy together and discuss. He recently chose the Netflix series Flaked with Will Arnett. I was peacefully reading my book and got sucked in…especially by the music. The music put us on a mission; we needed these songs stat! We googled, we iTunes, we Spotify, we everything and that got me to thinking…I’m sure there are some wonderful library patrons that would enjoy these tunes as well, so I searched our catalog for what I could find so that you can build your own playlist until the soundtrack is officially released!

Happy listening: Continue reading “Flaked Soundtrack Appreciation”

Top 10 TV Series to Binge Watch While Home With The Flu

~posted by Carrie F.

Being stuck at home with the flu is the best excuse to spend some quality time vegging out.  Here are a few TV series that I’d binge watch right now if I were under the weather:

X-Files movie


With all the buzz about the new series, bone up on The Smoking Man and The Lone Gunmen.  For a list of must see episodes that don’t require knowledge of the big story arcs, check out this Vanity Fair article by Kumail Nanjiani. Continue reading “Top 10 TV Series to Binge Watch While Home With The Flu”

Ten Foreign Series To Binge Watch Instead of the Usual Holiday Schmaltz

~posted by Grace V.

Bletchley Circlebletchley circle: Did you know there were secret female code breakers during WWII?  Well, there were! This is a fascinating period drama featuring feisty British women in nontraditional roles.

The HourThe Hour: Another engrossing piece of historical fiction set in London. This time it’s the BBC during the Cold War. Reportage is under fire by politicians and unseen communist forces with journalists in the crosshairs.  Soaked in sexy fifties atmosphere, this series is full of intrigue. Continue reading “Ten Foreign Series To Binge Watch Instead of the Usual Holiday Schmaltz”

All in the Boat

By Di Z.

Fresh Off the Boat CoverEddie Huang is a brash, early-30s restaurateur and TV personality who’s been making waves in pop culture for the last half decade, which in today’s world seems like a lifetime. Those who have followed Huang can instantly recognize his quasi New York accent which he acquired from years of listening to Biggie and Wu-Tang Clan (he’s an Orlando native) and an apparently endless supply of quotables which suggest he is somewhat of a cross between street scholar and entertainer: “I love the idea of America. America is the best show running in the world right now.”

Currently you can catch Huang on several TV shows. He is a frequent guest on Rob Dyrdek’s Ridiculousness and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. Huang is also a judge on the MTV Food Show Snack-Off, where contestants each cook a meal in an allotted time and the judges decide which meal deserves the most props. Continue reading “All in the Boat”