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What’s Your Type? The Art and Design of Text

How can something so ordinary, so pedestrian and mundane be, at the same time, singular and iconic? Do you look at letters or are they just a means to an end? By ear and eye, we take them in–bite-sized, building … Continue reading

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DIY: Hand-Lettering

The beautiful, hand-lettered chalk-board signs popping up everywhere have helped start a hand-lettering craze, with how-to and inspiration books in abundance. While creating a unique typographic style may seem daunting at first, the following books will help those new to … Continue reading

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Seeing is believing, even when you’re reading

Ever since the first printing press and the resulting boom in literacy and the availability of the printed word, another commodity arose. Font, is now such a simple word, it’s easy to forget its historical context. Font was initially from … Continue reading

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