The Seattle Public Library Zine Collections

Central Library Zine Collection

A zine is a self-published work of original or appropriated and remixed materials, including photographs, drawings, poetry, and prose. Typically limited in print number, zines are most often stapled-together paper reproduced on a photocopier, and distributed locally.

While zines are closely associated with music scenes such as punk or riot grrrl, they have existed in their modern form as a part of a variety of artistic movements since the early 20th century, including Dadaist leaflets and early science fiction fan magazines (aka fanzines aka zines).

The Central Library’s Teen Center zine collection, launched with the goal of promoting the voices and creative expression of teens and young adults, especially those living in the Pacific Northwest, includes over a hundred zines and mini-comics, with topics ranging from self-perception to parrotfish to paper airplanes. All zines in this collection are uncatalogued, but may be borrowed and returned to the library when finished. Continue reading “The Seattle Public Library Zine Collections”

Sharing Our Stories: Seattle Public Library Celebrates the Art of Storytelling


“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” – Joan Didion

One evening a friend took me to Roy Street Coffee and Tea in Capitol Hill to a standing room only event. It was a Thursday night and I was at Fresh Ground Stories, a first-person storytelling open mic inspired by The Moth Radio Hour. The room was warm with so many bodies, stuffed chairs, and steaming lattes, but ordinary coffee shop din was virtually absent as the crowd’s attention was honed on the teller at the microphone. I was floored by the jaw dropping honesty, beauty, courage, hilarity, and universality of each story I encountered. Hearing strangers tell these true personal stories in front of a live audience left me changed: grinning foolishly, laughing loudly, and, more often than I’d like to admit, reaching for a scrunched up Kleenex. Continue reading “Sharing Our Stories: Seattle Public Library Celebrates the Art of Storytelling”

Movie Mondays: Hitchcock through the Decades at the University Branch!

alfred hitchcockFew artists have had such long and successful careers as the supreme stylist of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. The University Branch is celebrating Hitchcock’s remarkable longevity with a film series showcasing one film from each of the six decades he worked in, from the silent era of the 1920s all the way to the grimy Technicolor styles of the 1970s. Please join us on select Mondays at 6:00 all summer long for chills, thrills, and free popcorn! Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Hitchcock through the Decades at the University Branch!”

Movie Mondays: Hollywood Classics at the University Branch

Click here to view Top Hat in the SPL catalog     Click here to view The Big Heat in the SPL catalog     Click here to view The Lady Eve in the SPL catalog      Click here to view Stagecoach in the SPL catalog

All month long the University Branch is highlighting classic Hollywood genres with free screenings every Saturday afternoon! Join us at 2:00 PM for these upcoming features. Did I mention FREE POPCORN? Continue reading “Movie Mondays: Hollywood Classics at the University Branch”

Summer reading: Suggestions from University Branch readers

Kraken by China Mieville
So far, the best of Mieveille’s works, reminiscent of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere with more occult and police procedural thrown in, and more apocalypses than you can count! All for a giant squid.
     ~ Anya

The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail by Jerome Lawrence
A play based on the life of Thoreau, concentrating on the night he spent in jail for refusing to pay taxes due to the U.S. involvement in the Mexican-American War. Infused with a 70s vibe.
    ~ Melody

The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks
Assassin books are tricky. Weeks writes an admirable blend of the glamour with the distastefulness. I also appreciate how much sympathy he can create for some of the corrupt not-very-good characters. 

Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah
A wild child is discovered by the residents of a small town in Washington. The child psychologist called to treat her has to deal with issues of her own. Who saves whom? I was drawn to tears. A must read!