2014 A. Scott Bullitt American History Lecture presents George Packer

Click here to view The Unwinding in the SPL catalog~posted by Carl K. 

George Packer has a disconcerting point of view about the United States. The New Yorker journalist, who will be the speaker for The Seattle Public Library’s 2014 A. Scott Bullitt American History Lecture, looks through the lens of individual Americans to see the state of the nation in his book, The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America.

Click here to view U.S.A. in the SPL catalogIs the United States a nation on the rise or on the decline? The book’s title tells the conclusion—we are not winding our way up; we are unwinding. Loosely based on the John Dos Passos’ Depression-era classic fiction trilogy, U.S.A., Packer’s nonfiction look at a new America tells the story by giving portraits of people ranging from the working poor to fabulously wealthy and privileged people, stopping off to briefly sketch celebrity icons and give context through cultural markers like headlines, song lyrics and advertising. Continue reading “2014 A. Scott Bullitt American History Lecture presents George Packer”