Fantasy Checklist Challenge: Urban Fantasy

~posted by Lindsay S.

If you like the idea of magic and fantasy, but think made-up worlds and pseudo-medieval times are weird, Urban Fantasy might just be the subgenre for you. In Urban Fantasy stories, magical and fantastical elements are plunked right down in the middle of modern day life. The results can be hilarious, terrifying, and bizarre, and are pretty much always worth reading.

Find Fated in the SPL catalog Find Hounded in the SPL catalogFor a gentle introduction to this subgenre, start with Hounded by Kevin Hearne. This first novel in the Iron Druid Chronicles introduces readers to Atticus O’Sullivan and his wise-cracking Irish Wolfhound, Oberon. The story takes place in current day Arizona but the protagonist is a two-thousand-year-old Druid whose friends include a werewolf, a vampire, and an ancient Celtic Deity. Continue reading “Fantasy Checklist Challenge: Urban Fantasy”

Romantic Wednesdays: Werewolf? There, wolf

young frankensteinThis post was inspired by that classic line from Young Frankenstein, you know, the one where Frederick questions Igor, “Werewolf?” and Igor responds, “There, wolf.”

In paranormal romance if there isn’t a vampire, there’s a wolf. I meant werewolf. Sometimes there are both vampires and werewolves. Sometimes there are werelions and weretigers and werebears (oh my!) Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Werewolf? There, wolf”

They see dead people…sort of

Here are two paranormal series written on a theme, a woman who can see how and when people die, one in hindsight and other as foresight. The Harper Connelly Series is the invention of Charlaine Harris who is known for several series including Sookie Stackhouse in the Southern Vampire Mysteries. The other by Chuck Wendig is the Blackbirds Series. Wendig is also a screenwriter, blogger and game designer. Both are excellent writers, but with very different writing styles.

Harper Connelly has it rough. After being struck by lightning at the age of 15 she can find missing people’s remains. She can feel the dead and find their final resting place, and then experiences their death. The drawback is if it is murder Continue reading “They see dead people…sort of”

Mysterious powers and New Mythologies

Did you miss me? I’ve been reading. Here are some paranormal goodies for cozy autumn nights.

Find Blythewood in the SPL CatalogBlythewood by Carol Goodman

Avaline Hall survives. I was going to say what she survives, but there are so many things: grief, the mystery of her mother’s past, hard work and humiliation and the terrors of the Triangle Factory fire. By the time I got to that point in the book, I already admired her strong spirit and intelligence, and the story had barely begun. Blythewood itself is a wonder; the school, the book, the new mythologies within. There are weak points, but I frankly don’t care. It’s a ripping good story: well set, well told, and I look forward to more. Continue reading “Mysterious powers and New Mythologies”

Romantic Wednesdays: Paranormal New Orleans

If you’ve ever walked the streets of New Orleans, you recognize that there is something beautiful and decadent and just plain eerie about the place. New Orleans is a city where you can feel the past walk beside you; its history creeps in between the cracks of its sidewalks and seeps along the alleyways of the French Quarter. It’s not just the age of the city, it’s the layers of the history, it seems as if its past never quite lays itself to rest.

interview with the vampire by anne riceNew Orleans has become a setting of choice for tales of the paranormal ever since Anne Rice forced Daniel Malloy to sit down and listen to Louis’ recounting his story of life as a vampire in Interview with a Vampire. Louis’ home was a plantation outside New Orleans in 1790.

It’s entirely possible that Interview with a Vampire is responsible for both popularizing vampires as soulful, romantic heroes and fixing New Orleans in the mind as an eerie place to set such stories. Perhaps Louis and Lestat are Edward Cullen’s great-grand-vamp-parents? Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Paranormal New Orleans”