Why Rain Gardening might be right for you!

rain gardensMost people have heard the term ‘rain garden,’ but how many really know what that means?  Rain gardens are simply shallow depressions (6-12 inches deep) that gather and filter runoff from roofs and driveways when it rains.  Continue reading “Why Rain Gardening might be right for you!”

Itching to Start Stitching?

With the Urban Self Reliance workshops in full swing, it’s easy to pick up sewing skills at many Seattle Public Library branches during the month of October. For instance, SewUpSeattle leads a ‘Costume Repair and Swap’ at the Ballard branch Monday, October 29 at 5pm and Capitol Hill branch on Saturday, October 20 at 1:30pm. Bring a costume — or costume-worthy clothing — to remake, repair or simply trade in. It’s a spook-tacular occasion to scare up a new Halloween costume. Continue reading “Itching to Start Stitching?”

Mushrooms and Permaculture

In this year’s Urban Self Reliance program series, running through October at various neighborhood branches, The Library will present two different workshops on wild mushrooms. Edible Mushrooms will focus on resources to introduce you to the world of mushroom gathering.  On the Mushroom Trail, presented by author Langdon Cook will discuss the underground economy that has developed in the Northwest around wild mushrooms.  Continue reading “Mushrooms and Permaculture”

Clean and Green

Who knew how much you could do with white vinegar and baking soda? If you are like me, you have an accumulation of various cleaning supplies clustered under your kitchen sink. My place always needs cleaning, so I have tried many products over the years. I now want to use green cleaning materials so that my ordinary household dirt does not turn into toxic sludge. I tried out a few ideas from some of the many great books that are out there about going green and clean in your home. Continue reading “Clean and Green”

Urban Self-Reliance: The new DIY

The DIY (Do-it-Yourself) ethic is nothing new, but in our ever more precarious natural environment and fiscally tight times, thinking about sustainability in our urban lives and being self-sufficient are more important than ever.

Find "Toward A Zero Energy Home" in the Seattle Public Library catalog.

Throughout the month of October, The Seattle Public Library will be hosting the Urban Self-Reliance program series at library branches throughout the city. The Library is partnering with other agencies to help Seattleites learn skills to become more independent, use fewer resources and save energy. Continue reading “Urban Self-Reliance: The new DIY”