Teens can earn service learning credit at the Library

Are you, or is someone you know, currently a teenager? Does the  teenager in your life enjoy reading, writing and meeting other teens from all over the city? Does he or she happen to need service learning credit in order to graduate from high school?  If so, we recommend the library’s Teen Center Advisers program.

Teen Center Advisers are high school students who meet every other Wednesday from 4 to 5 p.m. in the Teen Center on Level 3 of Central Library.  They review new books, create podcasts, make displays, write for the library’s teen blog, and help us shape teen services at the Library.

For more information about the TCAs, or to print out an application, go to our website.  Applications are due by October 27.  The first meeting of the year, from 4-5 on October 20 (that’s next Wednesday), is required.

Teens get credit at the Library

teen center advisors
Do you know a teen who needs service learning credit . . . or maybe just a way to pad their college applications?  If so, we know just the service learning program.

As a Teen Center Advisor at the Central Library, high school students ages 14-18 can earn up to 60 hours of service learning credit over the course of the school year.  They’ll write posts for Push to Talk (the library’s teen blog), review all the latest teen books, create podcasts for the library’s website, and work on lots of other creative projects.

For more information or to print out an application, head on over to the teen page of the library’s website.  Meetings are every other Wednesday, and the first meeting is this Wednesday — October 7. Applications are due by the October 21st meeting at the latest; early applications are gladly accepted.

Give, Baby, Give!


I’ve been hearing a lot of people wondering out loud about what they can do to be involved in their community these days.  Maybe it’s the holiday season gaining importance now that the Presidential election has come to an end.  Maybe it has to do with a certain speech that many of us heard recently…

Whatever the reason, if you are wondering how you can help your community, here are a few places to start figuring out where you can give your time, money, or expertise:

City of Seattle – Information about volunteering and donating in Seattle.

United Way of King County – Search for giving and volunteering opportunities in King County.

Charity Navigator – “Your guide to intelligent giving.”  Search for charities by place and topic.  Includes a charity blog, articles, top ten lists and detailed information about what your gift is doing.

Volunteer Match – Match your time and talents to volunteer needs in the community. 

Idealist.org – International resource where you can search for volunteer opportunities, organizations, non-profit jobs, campaigns, and more.  You can also join or start an “Idealist group”, discussion groups from all over the world sharing ideas and information about community.

Charity Watch – The American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP) rates over 500 charities and provides excellent links to find out more.

The Seattle Public Library has a great list of volunteer information for teens, that has both teen specific and all-ages volunteer information.

Or, check out a book about giving and volunteering from the library!

If you have a suggestion for ways people can give to their community or find out about volunteer opportunities, please let Seattle know by leaving your comments. 

Give, Baby, Give!