Crime: Inside Korea, North and South with James Church and Martin Limón.

Last year Adam Johnson, author of the tremendous novel The Orphan Master’s Son wrote us a great post on his experiences in North Korea, including a peek at what passes for a library there. If you’re among the growing number of people watching the startling developments with this mysterious nation with concerned fascination, you owe it to yourself to read his post and read his stunning and well-researched book. And whether or not you’re a mystery fan, you may also find a pair of fine series draw you deep into the harsh and surreal realities of life and death in the so-called Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and the Demilitarized Zone that so profoundly separates it from the western world. Continue reading “Crime: Inside Korea, North and South with James Church and Martin Limón.”

Crime Out of Africa: beyond Precious Ramotswe.

Is Africa becoming the next Scandinavia? Making up a fifth of the world’s landmass, the continent has accounted for only a tiny fraction of crime publishing, but that seems to be changing. Perhaps under cover of Alexander McCall-Smith’s hugely popular and immensely charming Precious Ramotswe books set in Botswana, and certainly thanks to a growing interest by mystery and thriller readers in books with exotic settings, we’re seeing more and more excellent crime writing out of Africa. I’ve put together a list in our catalog; here are some highlights. Continue reading “Crime Out of Africa: beyond Precious Ramotswe.”

Crime: Papal Intrigue!

Image of the Vatican courtesy of xlynx via FlickrI confess: I miss the papal conclave. I miss the pomp and the costumes, but most of all I miss the accents. My favorite part of pope season is how all these men in vestments or Armani suits suddenly appear on the news giving color commentary in these just terrific Roman accents, kind of like Father Guido Sarducci used to do during the golden age of Saturday Night Live.  Continue reading “Crime: Papal Intrigue!”

Thrillers for every taste, part 2.

In last week’s post featuring ninety diverse suspense writers, I made the point that there are many different kinds of thrillers out there. Here are eighty more of today’s best and most thrilling writers grouped for various tastes, and still we’ve only scratched the surface:

Thrillers for every taste, part 1

A thriller’s a thriller, right? Wrong! Very different things set each reader’s pulse racing. Here are some of our favorite writers in a wide array of suspenseful fiction, with suggestions for further reading; tune in next week for part 2.