Weird and Wonderful Nonfiction

Have you read up on bog bodies and tripe? Are you caught up on clothing that kills and bad clowns? If so, here’s another group of wonderfully weird nonfiction.

Goatman: How I Took a Holiday from being Human follows Thomas Thwaites as he dons a goat exoskeleton and lives among a herd of goats in the Alps to escape “the angst inherent in being a human.” While I share his angst, I won’t be eating grass with a prosthetic goat stomach anytime soon. Continue reading “Weird and Wonderful Nonfiction”

More Unusual Nonfiction

~posted by Frank

Bored with biographies? Tired of travel guides? Sick of self help? Had it with histories? Here are six new nonfiction titles on topics that are singular, peculiar, and fascinating.

Fashion Victims: The Dangers of Dress Past and Present by Alison Matthews David. David tells the stories of death by clothing – whether intentional or accidental. Tales of deadly dyes, flammable fabrics and explosive clothing throughout history will keep you enthralled. Continue reading “More Unusual Nonfiction”

Peculiar Nonfiction

~posted by Frank

Nonfiction is vast. When you look beyond cookbooks and biographies, you’ll find some niche titles that you may not have known there was an audience for. Here are some of the most singular works of nonfiction published in the past year; perhaps one of these oddball titles is just the one for you.

History fans should check out Bog Bodies Uncoveredwhich explores the well-preserved bodies buried in bogs two thousand years ago throughout Northern Europe. There’s also Ivory Vikingswhich tells the story of the Viking Empire through the discovery of a 12th century walrus ivory chess set on a Scottish beach in the early 1800s. Continue reading “Peculiar Nonfiction”