Adult Summer Reading Challenge: Historical Romance

Posted by Selby G.

Part 2 of our Adult Summer Reading Challenge focusing on subgenres of romance.

Historic romance novels run the gamut of time and place. Pick up one and you could be transported to the bedchamber of a Tang Dynasty courtesan or the castle of a noble lord. Either way, historical romances are filled with drama and delightful details about what it was like to live in the past. The following time periods and regions are particularly popular with romance readers:

The Escape in the Library catalogThe Perfect Wife in the Library catalogMiss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel in the Library catalog
Regency – Pomp and circumstance prevailed in this time period when Napoleon was trying to take over Europe but all of the women were apparently trying to bed Dukes. If you like to read about scandalous rogues and fashionable ladies then a regency romance might suit you. Try Mary Balogh, Victoria Alexander or Samantha Grace. Continue reading “Adult Summer Reading Challenge: Historical Romance”