April Question of the month – an irregular feature

I am interested in a rather obscure topic. Do you have any information about the history of the whalebone corset and the industry of whaling and whale oil? 

Thank you for your questions regarding whales and whalebone corsets.  There are a number of library resources that might be interesting. 

We have a reference book on the history of corsets.  You can find it using the following search on  in our catalog:
Chose – Subject from the drop down search menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen
Type the terms “Corsets”, “History”, “19th Century” in the search box

We also have books about whaling.and whaling ships. If you select the keyword search from the same drop down box then you can use the search terms “whaling” and “ships”.  And of course the Library also has several books about the whaling industry.

In addition, you may consider looking at the long article on corsets in Wikipedia – it has sound historical information and ax excellent references and external links section.

We hope this information will be helpful; please let us know if we can be of more assistance.

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