Time to Wine Down

One of my favorite activities for wine o’clock is to curl up with a book.

Maybe a Full Bodied Murder mystery or A Case of Syrah, Syrah by chance.

For more of a darker blend you could try a Deadly Tasting.

If you prefer a lighter read, like me, you could try Blush for Me or a story that was Once Upon a Wine.

But as with all good wines its good to Let It Breathe.

~posted by Kara P.

Get Lost (Part 5)

                         (Fifth in a series)

napa2Now I don’t know what I’ll find…

          Just want to get in the car and drive…

Been living too long this way…


It’s getting me down…

               I know what I need…

                                   What I need…  

          California sun…      It’s calling me…

Next stop Calistoga and Napa: 1 day, 1 night

About this time the winding roads have settled down a bit. Not completely, but enough to catch our breath. Although we pulled into Calistoga on an overcast day it was still awe-inspiring. We paid attention to all the little nooks and crannies. The old railroad car that was turned into a flower shop and a beautiful white walled complex, which we later found out, was a spa…sign us up!

California wines haven’t always been viewed in a spectacular light. Like all great things it takes awhile to fully appreciate and admire the toil that comes with working the land; like a fine art. Consider France and Italy known the world over for its wine making and bottled nectar of the vine.  No one in their right mind ever thought to compete with the regality of the European grape until the Paris wine Tasting of 1976.

bottle-shock-dvd-cover-731541In a wonderful depiction of this event Bottle Shock takes us to Chateau Montelena to meet Bo and Jim Barrett the son and father team working against debt and each other to cultivate the California vine. For Jim this is his life having left the corporate world to start anew, but he and his son don’t see eye to eye especially when it comes to Steven Spurier the man in charge of the Judgment of Paris. Bo sees an opportunity, while Jim sees it as a way to ruin. With Bo’s lackadaisical demeanor and privileged attitude that can seem immature it’s with his and his youthful generation’s hope that Montelena recovers. Continue reading “Get Lost (Part 5)”

Washington Wines & Wineries

There is a lot of talk these days about eating locally produced food.  Should this also extend to drinking locally produced wine? I think so!

 Washington state is home to many fine wines and wineries, and you can learn all about them at the Library.  If you’re interested in visiting – or learning about – any of the state’s wineries, check out these guides:

 WineTrails of Washington: A Guide for Uncorking your Memorable Wine Tour

Local author Steve Roberts will speak about his book at the University Branch Library on Tuesday September 16th from 6:30-7:45 PM.

In his latest book, he profiles 228 wineries throughout Washington state, grouped into 32 regional “WineTrails.” In addition to detailed descriptions of wineries and winemakers, Roberts’ book also provides tips on Continue reading “Washington Wines & Wineries”