Pollinator Project


Finding solace in natural surroundings, and caring about wildlife even the urban creatures around grew stronger than ever while socially distancing. But, I haven’t read as much. On the days I have off, I have volunteered at a local park to plant off trail for pollinators and birds, to water the plants, and to try and keep dogs and people off of the seedlings and plants.

Lorquin’s Admiral butterfly

If you would like to help in a similar way Green Seattle Partnership is one way to go.  It helps to know your native plants so you know which ones not to trample on or pull up. To become a Forest Steward you need to take a class, which happens during the Fall. I found 5-6 species of butterflies at this park this summer; this one is called Lorquin’s Admiral. Continue reading “Pollinator Project”

Plant Bulbs and Dream of Summer

Last week I was in the garden, drenched with rain, digging in the mud with rapidly freezing fingers, and feeling suddenly hopeful. I was planting allium bulbs, and thinking about when, months from now, they would bloom. The Summer days would be long, the weather would be warm, and perhaps we’d have friends over to sit in the garden and watch the bees at work. One more Summer still, and perhaps these blooms will smile upon a populous garden party, social but not at all distanced.

As Fall darkens toward Winter, planting Spring and Summer bulbs gives us something to look forward to. It’s not too late – and many stores will be Continue reading “Plant Bulbs and Dream of Summer”

The Joys of Winter Gardening

There’s nothing like a sunny Seattle day during the long dreary winter, especially for those who like to garden. The minute the sun breaks through that cloud cover, even just for a few minutes, you’ll see gardeners all over the city trying to get things in order. For those willing to brave the colder months, though, dedicated winter gardening can offer rewards and surprises that feel extra special. Want to see what’s possible in the world of winter gardening? Here are a few titles to guide and inspire.

Continue reading “The Joys of Winter Gardening”