Directed by Women from Around the World

We are participating in Directed By Women, a global celebration of women directors and their works this month. Here is the full schedule of our Directed by Women Film Series. For more contemporary international women directors, check out these films for a trip around the world!

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Not Just Another Book About Women in Rock

~ posted by Abby


Women have always been a part of rock and roll – as musicians, singers, songwriters, producers, promoters, critics, fans and much more. Yet their stories have often been overlooked in rock writing. Thankfully, this myopia is finally receiving a serious corrective, with more and more women writing about their involvement in the rock world.

In the last few years, pioneering figures such as Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart), Cherie Currie (The Runaways), Viv Albertine (The Slits) and most recently, Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) have all penned memoirs detailing their experiences in a traditionally male-dominated arena. Music critics like Laina Dawes and Sara Marcus have examined the complex intersection of race, gender and rock in the predominantly white male subcultures of heavy metal and punk. Continue reading “Not Just Another Book About Women in Rock”

Running like a girl

“Baby, every day you’re training to get the gold…

That’s why your body’s crazy…

But you can’t run from yourself, that’s where it’s difficult.”

(from TKO by Justin Timberlake)

I’ve been running on the elliptical for about two years and during that time, along with eating healthy and treating my body well, I’ve lost about seventy five pounds. I haven’t set any goals, I don’t drink any special powders, or take any supplements; I just woke up one day and decided this isn’t the me I want to be. Running on the elliptical in my gym and cranking up the music is great, but occasionally it’s nice to add a bit of variety. Most recently I’ve be on a running kick…out in the real world! Continue reading “Running like a girl”

I Am Woman

~posted by Kara

I was never a die-hard fan of graphic novels or comics. I remember in high school I was convinced by a friend to read Peach Girl and I found it entertaining enough, but not enough to turn me into a fangirl. As I get older, and I find less time to sit and read, every now and again to get my fix of the written word I’ve given in to the short and sweet satisfaction of a good graphic novel. My usual habit is to seek out strong female characters, or at least ones willing to admit they aren’t perfect.

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Science Fiction Fridays: They are women, hear them roar

There must be something in the air, because I somehow ended up reading three books last week that all featured women kicking some serious butt. It was such a nice change of pace to have a several books with  female protagonists who aren’t just emotionally or psychologically resilient, but physically strong as well. The balance of brain and brawn in these characters is something so rare in the genre I’m always excited to share some new reads with female characters that break the mold. Continue reading “Science Fiction Fridays: They are women, hear them roar”