Playing With Your Words

Patient parents, have you put up with perpetual puns and palindromes? Troubled teachers, are you tired of tolerating tongue twisters?  Sometimes growing literacy skills and an emerging sense of humor collide in a dazzling display of fondness for word play.  It’s a good thing!  It means that the left and right brain hemispheres are communicating.  Here are three levels of word play intensity to explore together:


CDB! by William Steig is a classic picture book from 1968 that uses letters and numbers instead of words, with charming picture clues. I N-V U if you get to read this book aloud.



I Scream, Ice Cream! A Book of Wordles by Amy Krouse Rosenthal revels in the joy of homophonic pairings such as “Clothes! The wind! Oh!” and “Close the window!”. Continue reading “Playing With Your Words”