Mystery Challenge: Historical Mysteries

~by Jen B.

If you love a good historical murder mystery, you’ll be ready for sleuths to do their own leg work and be adept at deciphering psychological clues. Although they lack modern technology and forensics, these stories, set over 50 years ago, showcase the bygone talents of great minds. A few time periods provide more fodder for heinous crimes than others. For instance, the Victorian age, during which Jack the Ripper roamed East London and Sherlock Holmes gained prominence as a consulting detective of keen intellect and masterful puzzle-solving skills. The Middle Ages and early Renaissance (5th to the 15th centuries) are also periods of intrigue tapped by many authors and loved by readers – times of religious strife, plagues, brutal living conditions and truly horrible weather. Puzzlers set just after World War I and during the Roaring Twenties are also popular with readers.

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Historical Fiction: Remembering World War I

Next July is the centennial anniversary of the Great War’s beginning and an increasing number of new historical novels are set in this time period. These are a few of our favorites from 2013.

Daughters of Mars by Keneally in Library catalog      Cartographer of No Man's Land by Duffy      The First of July by Speller      Letters from Skye by Brockmole      Stella Bain by Shreve

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Goodbye to All That (the Passing of an Era)

Harry Patch’s life nearly ended in 1917 as he stood in a muddy trench during the World War I battle of Passchendaele. An artillery shell burst right over his head, wounding him and killing three of his best pals. But Patch didn’t die that day; in fact, he survived to become the last living veteran to have experienced the classic trench warfare synonymous with the Great War. Continue reading “Goodbye to All That (the Passing of an Era)”