Yarn Anyone?

2629461357_6d8f37c115_mMaybe you have a relative who is a fanatical knitter or a friend who always has a ball of yarn in his or her knapsack? Or, am I describing you?! For more on this passion, let me share some info with you. Just like so many other crafts, there are web sites and blogs all over the Internet on knitting and crocheting. One of my favorite knitting sites is Knitty.com — a witty, stylized and cute site with patterns, coffeeshop chat and articles with knitting help.

Are you new to knitting or crocheting? The Lion Brand Yarn site includes Learn to Crochet instructions – one needs to keep scrolling to the bottom of the screen but the illustrations are easy to look at. Many knitting and crochet books, no matter what level of patterns covered, include a few pages of beginner’s tips and terminology.

Most local yarn stores – also referred to as your LYS – Continue reading “Yarn Anyone?”