October Takeover: Advice for when you become a Zombie

~posted by Carrie M.

I don’t want to be the one to say I told you so, but I TOLD YOU SO! The zombie apocalypse started and you ignored my previous post, thus getting yourself bitten by a stinking, shambling corpse. Now you find yourself roaming night and day on your decaying legs in a mostly futile attempt to find fresh meat (you know, the living). After a while, the monotony of lumbering and moaning may eventually cause you to question the meaning of your new “life.” While it’s true that as a zombie you can’t participate in many activities you may have enjoyed in the past, your new undead life can be surprisingly exciting with help from The Seattle Public Library!

Now, ideally you would have checked out the following items before you got bitten (reading is hard when your eyes are rotting and all you can think about are brains), Find So Now You're A Zombie in the SPL catalogbut overall the following list is so simple even your putrid zombie brain can understand them. Not sure where to begin?
An excellent choice is So Now You’re a Zombie: a Handbook for the Newly Undead. This book features a simple quiz in the introduction to determine if you are a zombie, and if so, what your three living dead options are. Be sure to check out the chapters on attacking and feeding, too. The book also boasts simple-to-follow diagrams on hunting, and effective extraction techniques so you can get those pesky survivors in locked cars and farmhouses out of safety and into your gullet. Continue reading “October Takeover: Advice for when you become a Zombie”

October Takeover: How to Avoid Becoming a Zombie

~Posted by Carrie M.

Of all the potential “what-if” tragedies that could completely change our lives forever, the most popular by far is the much anticipated zombie apocalypse. With so much “zombie culture” surrounding us today, many people may go into the event feeling overconfident. Sure, you’ve seen The Walking Dead and Z Nation, and maybe you’ve even read a few books like World War Z and Rot and Ruin, but it’s going to take more than your TV knowledge to survive the outbreak of the living dead. Don’t worry! Here at the Seattle Public Library, we’ve got your back with this handy-dandy list of books for all of your zombie needs.  Continue reading “October Takeover: How to Avoid Becoming a Zombie”

October Takeover: ZomB Movies

~posted by Kara F. 

The BatteryThe Battery was simple in its execution, a dark film with a surprising amount of heart. It was a much more realistic film than other zombie movies I’ve seen in the past and by far my favorite. The film is about two guys and their baseball bats just trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, and bugging each other a whole lot along the way. I liked the relationship between these two friends because I could see myself being thankful for having someone by my side, but also getting annoyed as heck with them.

Cockneys vs ZombiesCockneys Vs. Zombies was quirky and odd, basically so very British. A group of friends go a mission to rob a bank to save a retirement home from being demolished. One of them has a grandfather who resides there, so between their inept skills at bank robbing and the zombie horde unleashed upon them, let’s just say it’s a good thing the humor can get you through… sometimes. Continue reading “October Takeover: ZomB Movies”

Science Fiction Fridays: What to read when you’re not watching Game of Thrones

Since he joined the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow hasn’t had much time to read, what with all the other things keeping him busy at the Wall, like fighting ice zombies and protecting Sam and wondering what his pet direwolf is up to. And now that Jon has been captured by Wildlings, there’s even less time for relaxing with a good book. But when he does get a free moment, this is what Jon Snow likes to read…

Witchlanders by Lena Coakley
With a cold, wintry setting, strange monsters, and an even stranger brotherhood, this is a book Jon can definitely relate to.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner
Jon isn’t the only one who finds himself in a puzzling new situation and must bond with other guys in order to survive.

Rash by Pete Hautman
Both Jon and Bo are trapped in the frozen North but, instead of sword fighting, Bo plays football and, instead of ice zombies, he deals with an artificial intelligence.

Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb
Like Jon, Fitz wonders about his parentage and develops an unusual bond with a wolf in this sweeping fantasy that also features royal
intrigue, magic, and war.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
Mary has a lot more time for romance than Jon does, but she also has even more ZOMBIES.



What else is Jon Snow reading? Let us know in the comments…

I’m not watching Game of Thrones because…
a. I’m waiting for the next season to start
b. My parents found out about all the naked people.
c. No HBO, but I’ve got the first season on hold at the library.
d. Dude, I don’t watch stuff with dragons and…wait, did you say naked people?

–Lesley J., Douglass-Truth

If You Like George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones then check out these recommendations by The Seattle Public Librarians.



The Reading Dead: A Zombie literary salon.

Walking Dead Days Gone By Cover ImageAMC’s The Walking Dead has risen again for a second season, but the aisles of your local library are already crowded with zombies, including Robert Kirkman’s original graphic novel series upon which the show is based (and what isn’t based on graphic novels at this point?) and the first season on DVD.  

For anyone who thought the zombie craze was so 2009, think again. And as whimsical as many zombie titles are (Zombie Haiku?), there seems to be something deadly serious underlying all those “could you survive a zombie apocalypse” Facebook quizzes, as we whistle through the darkness of our prolonged global economic crisis and reflect wistfully on the bygone American Century. There’s plenty to fear these days, and relentless hordes of brain-hungry cadavers seem an apt metaphor; I predict zombies will still be hot at least until unemployment dips back below 6%.

A while back I thought I’d assemble a tidy little list of zombie books in our catalog, but I had seriously underestimated the relentless, ravening hordes of the zombie revival that wouldn’t die: they just kept coming, and coming, and coming. Our catalog lists no less than 351 items with “zombie” in the subject heading, so I’m at seven lists and counting, and here they are:

I don’t think I’ll truly be happy until we have a fullscale zombie invasion of the library. Not to tempt fate, but after visits from Santarchy and Glee Flash Mobs, it just feels like we’re due.