10th Anniversary Of Greenwood Library: Feb 8th!

Photo courtesy of javacolleen on Flikr~posted by a Teen Blogger

Greenwood library is celebrating a very special birthday this year. It’s turning a decade old! To celebrate this fantastic achievement, the library is throwing a special celebration. On the 8th of February, many fun activities will be held; all are totally free and open to the public. The celebration will be held from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm and will be tons of fun. Drop by and check it out.  Have some refreshments and share your great memories of this amazing library with your community. We will also be sealing a time capsule. The capsule will be stuffed with whatever special memories you decide to fill it up with. There is free parking in the lower garage and refreshments to be shared, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t come down to the Greenwood library and have some fun while commemorating a huge milestone for the library and community of Seattle. 

In 1928 Greenwood-Phinney Branch Library opened, thanks to Greenwood-Phinney Commercial Club and parent-teacher groups. A campaign that raised $340.80 and the generous offer from the library board to operate a branch allowed the hugely popular library to open its doors. After an expansion in 1932, a remodel in 1939 and because of bond issues in 1950 and 1952, the city council expanded the budget and bought a new bookmobile and 3 new branches. One of those lucky branches was the Greenwood library. In 1998 money raised by The Seattle Public Library Foundation and a huge bond measure, made it possible for the library to have a giant 15,000 square foot expansion. In 2003 the library was demolished, along with an old house next to it, and construction began to make room for a larger branch. On January 29th 2005, the new branch, that we now call the Greenwood library, opened. This library is now a decade old and has been continuously loved by the community. Come join the festivities, and commend the journey and love of this great library.

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