Celebrate Pride with the latest LGBTQIA+ Fiction.

June is here: let’s celebrate the start of Pride month by dipping into various great LGBTQIA+ Summer fiction. Here are just a few highlights drawn from our big new list of LGBTQIA+ titles in the catalog. 

The Unbroken, by C.L. Clark.  Treachery and tolerance, loyalty and love clash in this action-packed queernorm epic fantasy debut set in the wild, desert outreaches of a crumbling empire under revolt.

Crosshairs, by Catherine Hernandez. As a totalitarian CIS white regime sweeps across Canada, the “Others” gather in the shadows to mount a resistance, awaiting their chance to restore their country’s sanity.

Boys of Alabama, by Genevieve Hudson. Harboring two deeply personal secrets, teen Max experiences more than typical culture shock when his family moves from Germany to Delilah, Alabama, in a coming out story with a Southern Gothic twist.

Yes, Daddy, by Jonathan Parks-Ramage. Having survived his oppressive suburban upbringing, Jonah comes truly alive in the seeming paradise of New York City, only to find more subtle and deadly traps like in wait.

All the Water I’ve Seen is Running, by Elias Rodriques. It’s a long way from Brooklyn back to Florida, but when a funeral brings Daniel together with diverse group of high school classmates, he realizes that parts of him never left.

Vanishing Monuments, by John Elizabeth Stintzi. When their mother’s dementia reaches a critical stage, non-binary photographer Alani returns to their childhood home, now a memory palace haunted by past selves. 

Love After the End. A groundbreaking anthology of genre- and gender-defying stories from Two-Spirit and Queer Indigenous writers from across North America, offering fresh visions of worlds reborn from the ashes of colonialism.

That’s just a small sample of the many new titles waiting for – visit our latest LGBTQIA+ Fiction list, today.

     ~ Posted by David W.

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