The Central Library’s Iconic Red Floor Reopens To The Public

The Central Library’s iconic Level 4 – the “Red Floor” – has reopened to the public for the first time in over two years.

With its walls, ceiling, floors and stairs completely covered in 13 shades of red, Level 4 is a favorite of patrons and staff alike, and one of the most celebrated and photographed areas within the Central Library. The reopening of the Red Floor, the final level to reopen, is a milestone for the Central Library. Tuesday, July 19 will be the first day since March 2020 that all floors of the Central Library will be open and available for patrons and the community to explore and enjoy.

The Central Library schedule can be found on our Hours and Location Page. Levels 1, 3, 4 and 5 of the Central Library are open daily. The Book Spiral on Levels 6-9 and the Level 10 Betty Jane Narver Reading Room are open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Materials found within the Book Spiral can be requested at info desks whenever the Library is open.
About the Red Floor

The Central Library is designed to accommodate both the traditional and evolving functions of a modern public library. It includes dedicated floors for books and other collections materials (Levels 6-9 Book Spiral), space for the work of Library staff (Level 2) and administration (Level 11), and reservable rooms for people to meet (Level 4). Around and between these floors are flexible spaces like the Level 3 Reading Room, Level 5 Mixing Chamber and Level 10 Reading Room, that can be redesigned to reflect the interests of the community.

The Red Floor was designed with civic assembly in mind. It houses four of the Central Library’s reservable meeting rooms – see here for more – and along its one continuous hallway are printed Robert’s Rules of Order.

Walking through the curved and irregular length of the Red Floor is like walking through an enormous artery at the heart of the building, until you get to the incredible view out into the Level 3 Living Room. The colors and organic shapes reflect the warmth of social interaction that occurs on our meeting room floor and redirects the mind from where ever you were before entering such a bold space!

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