#BookBingoNW2022: Hobby or skill

It’s summertime in Seattle! Whether you plan to take your Subaru and hit the trail, set up a hammock by the ship canal, or you’d rather crank your window unit and relax inside with your fur babies, there’s an unending variety of new hobbies or skills you can try out or just read about, from self-care and relaxation to money-making side hustles.

In Knitting for Radical Self-care: A Modern Guide Brandi Cheyenne Harper offers tips for finding time for knitting creativity along with ten patterns inspired by revolutionary women of color; each come with detailed instructions, and Harper’s reflections on each woman’s personal and wider impact.

NPR’s Podcast Start Up Guide: Create, Launch, and Grow a Podcast on Any Budget by Glen Weldon is an all-encompassing guide to podcasting, including how to select a topic and tell each story to engage and grow your listeners.

Look no further in your quest make candles than Candle Making Basics: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started, edited by Eric Ebeling. Traditional tapers and molded candles? Yep! Container and rolled beeswax candles? For sure! What about tools and materials? Yes, indeed! But surely, not information about setting up your work space?!?! Incorrect, it’s all here!

From the creator of the @plantkween Instagram account, Christopher Griffin, You Grow, Gurl! Plant Kween’s Lush Guide to Growing Your Garden is a gorgeous illustrated guide to the pleasures of plant parenthood, from learning how to start your own plant family to useful tips on how to care for your herbaceous household.

Candlekeep Mysteries is a collection of seventeen Dungeons and Dragons “one-shot” standalone quests; each begins with the discovery of a book, and each book is the key to a door behind which the adventure begins!

Growing Weed in the Garden: A No-fuss, Seed-to-stash Guide to Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation by Johanna Silver will help you incorporate cannabis into your garden from seed to weed, including step-by-step photography on how to dry, cure, and store, make tinctures and oils, and roll the perfect joint!

Find more things to do with your time, through the summer’s rain and the sun’s shine, with the staff list Book Bingo NW 2022: Hobby or skill

~ posted by Mychal L.

For more ideas for books to meet your Summer Book Bingo challenge, follow our Shelf Talk #BookBingoNW2022 series or check the hashtag #BookBingoNW2022 on social media. Book bingo is presented in partnership with Seattle Arts & Lectures.

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