The Other Boleyn Girl

I’m a sucker for Tudor tales, so you can bet I’m excited that Philippa Gregory’s wonderful novel, The Other Boleyn Girl, is coming to the big screen this coming weekend (opens on February 29). I’ve certainly read a lot about Anne Boleyn over the years, but Mary Boleyn? This piece of historical fiction was new to me. And, oh, what scandal and intrigue ensue when Anne and Mary (and their brother, George) arrive at King Henry VIII’s court! Was Mary, who was already married to one of Henry’s courtiers, really the favored sister? What scheming took place to make sure that the Howard family rose to power above the Seymours? The book is a fast-paced almost racy read, and certainly worth reading before you see the movie (starring Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson; my excitement knows no bounds!).

What to read next, to keep the Tudor fires burning? There’s certainly no shortage in historical fiction for this slice of history, but if you liked The Other Boleyn Girl, try these two by the same author: The Constant Princess (follows the life of Katherine of Aragon, the first wife of Henry VIII) and The Boleyn Inheritance (lady-in-waiting Jane Boleyn testifies against Anne of Cleves, while her family works to place Katherine Howard on the throne). Or perhaps you, like me, have a bit of a Lady Jane Grey obsession going that started way back in elementary school? Then you won’t want to miss Innocent Traitor, the first novel by respected biographer Alison Weir. It’s a bit meatier than The Other Boleyn Girl, but just as engrossing.

Let’s hear about some other Tudor novels you’ve read…

~posted by Linda J.

2 thoughts on “The Other Boleyn Girl”

  1. I think THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL transcends the genre of Tudor novels . . .or, at least, it did for me. I have never been a fan of Tudor stories, but I devoured BOLEYN GIRL after a friend recommended it to me. I hate to say it, but I think its juicyness is what grabbed me and kept me turning pages way into the night. The author certainly spun a fine, enthralling tale. I haven’t read her other books, but I want to. I’m also curious to see if the film is worthy of the book . . .

  2. Terry, you were the one who recommended THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL (the book) to me! Based on reviews, I would have passed on this one, but you were totally right. Still curious about the movie …

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