Finding a Good Book, with NoveList Plus

image-of-tree-with-books-from-novelist-databaseHave you ever had a new toy that was so exciting that you had to tell everyone you knew about it? This is how I feel about the Novelist Plus database that is among the many fantastic and free databases available for all Seattle Public Library cardholders. I find myself effusing enthusiastically about Novelist Plus anytime someone asks about fiction at the reference desk or when friends hint that they need some ideas about what to read next.

novelist-logo-imageNovelist Plus is a one-stop resource for all your leisure reading needs. The database has information about hundreds of thousands of fiction, nonfiction, young adult, and children’s books. Each book has an annotation and publishing information, but many titles also have reviews from highly-esteemed sources (Booklist, Library Journal etc.), reading guides and links to reading lists of similar books.

Novelist Plus also has an abundance of search functions that make it easy to find a good book. You can find books by keyword, title, author, subject, publisher and a host of other characteristics. It is a great place to find the order of that series you’ve been enjoying. Every book in the database has subject headings which describe the content and genre of each book which makes exploring a topic, time period or genre fun and easy. At the click of a link, you could find a list of books about “History – Exploration,” “Adult books for young adults” or “The Fifties (twentieth century).” There are also extensive awards lists, and feature articles on topics as wide-ranging as political thrillers, memoirs and cult fiction.

One of my favorite features, the “readalike list,” describes authors and books that would appeal to readers of other popular authors. So, if you can’t wait until your favorite author publishes a new novel, a readalike list could hold you over until the release date, or introduce you to a new favorite.  image-of-woman-looking-at-book-hanging-from-tree-courtesy-of-gadlSimilarly, the multitude of reading lists and literature-themed articles in Novelist Plus are a treasure trove of reading suggestions and bookish entertainment. You will even find many of these resources are written by Seattle Public Library librarians, who are also an excellent source of reading advice, by the way.

If you are an avid reader and love learning about new books, I strongly recommend going to Novelist Plus and exploring this wonderful resource.  It is fun, intuitive and wonderfully priced (FREE!!!).

                       – Erik R

2 thoughts on “Finding a Good Book, with NoveList Plus”

  1. Our library system has NoveList (and I hope they will consider bumping up to Plus) and I love it! I use it all the time to help patrons find series information and readalikes!

  2. It’s cool that Novelist Plus now includes non-fiction. I also like sites that share “someone who read (or bought) this book, also read (or bought) this book.” It’s led me to numerous books and authors that I would never have found on my own.

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