It’s back: Summer Book Bingo!

book bingo nw 2016 photoAre you ready to play along with the most fabulous adult summer reading program around? Great — because today Seattle Arts & Lectures and Seattle Public Library launch Summer Book Bingo, the 2016 edition! Pick one up at any of our Libraries or download this PDF of the Book Bingo card.

Here’s a brief rundown of how it works:

  • You have a glorious summer of reading books that you enjoy
  • You write titles of books that fill challenges in each Bingo square
  • You keep reading through Labor Day, and then if you have Bingo (five in a row down, across, diagonally) or a blackout (all 25 squares/challenges filled) you enter a drawing for fantastic book-ish prizes.*

More complete directions are on the back of the card. It’s all pretty straightforward so we can keep the emphasis on reading and getting conversations about books going all around Seattle, not to mention bringing grown ups some of the excitement of summer reading programs from their youth.

If you’re on Twitter and Instagram, please use #BookBingoNW2016 to talk about books (we used #BookBingoNW last year), get suggestions, share photos of books you’re reading, share photos of YOU reading, and let people get a peek at your card. If you’re looking for suggestions for different squares, ask a librarian or a bookseller, or ask on Twitter (tag @SPLBuzz and @SeaArtsLecturesAnd keep checking Book Bingo 2016 blog posts here on Shelf Talk; we have 25 blog posts planned, with targeted suggestions from librarians, library staff, booksellers and our pals at SAL; you can also check our Book Bingo blog posts from last year for suggestions.

This is the second year we’ve partnered with Seattle Arts & Lectures to bring you Summer Book Bingo. Clearly, this is going to be the BEST summer since last summer!

Let the reading begin!

— posted by Linda J.


*Even though the real prize is the joy of reading, we also will be giving away gift cards to independent bookstores and a grand prize of two tickets to the entire 2016/17 SAL season + books from next season’s authors.

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