Helping Children Cope in Scary Times

It can sometimes be scary being a kid. There are potential dangers lurking around every corner, from the dark to monsters to carrots? Yes, carrots. But in these uncertain times due to COVID-19, it can be harder to explain these fears away. But good news! The Seattle Public Library has lots of books aimed at children available via our Overdrive catalog on how to talk about and overcome fear and anxiety.

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Learning From Home

Homeschool is the new school for Washington through the rest of the 2019-2020 year. Teachers are finding ways to connect with parents and classes, providing online and printed resources as best they can to keep pace with their students’ need for knowledge. Families can also find valuable resources through the library to supplement their home classroom learning for all ages.

The Everything Kids Joke BookStudying at home is tough. Focusing in an environment that we associate with play can take some getting used to. You can make the transition easier with some brain teasing puzzles and word games from Michael Dahl’s The Everything Kid’s Joke Book, recommended for kids 7-12. Break up lesson time with laugh breaks! Make reading its own reward with silly puns! Build vocabulary with story jokes. While you can’t print from Overdrive materials, kids can copy crosswords and “picto-laughs” to finish. Fun in the classroom can maximize motivation, especially when the classroom is at home. Continue reading “Learning From Home”

Create Crafts with Things You Have At Home

A lot of us are home right now with little ones and are searching for some inexpensive entertainment. If you are a patron of the Montlake Library, you may have seen a rotation of crafts and projects in our children’s area. Most of these programs need only simple supplies that you might already have on hand. Hopefully, these projects can help your family cure a bit of the isolation blues while our libraries are closed. We have included links to e-books you can access now and and print books you might find helpful once we re-open!

Fingerprint art:

Passive program fingerprintIf you have a stamp pad, try using your fingers instead of traditional stamps! Colored pencils, markers or pens can be used to create a multitude of animals or designs. The possibilities are endless with some imagination.  For more fingerprint ideas try Ed Emberly’s Fingerprint Drawing Book or ProjectKid: 100 Crafts to Make With Your Kid

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Harry Potter at Home

The new Harry Potter at Home project is a collective effort by Bloomsbury, Scholastic, Audible, OverDrive, Pottermore Publishing, and to bring the magical world of Harry Potter straight to you during these troubling times.

For over twenty years now, the Harry Potter universe has been a comforting and immersive place for all readers, whether old and bald or young with scabby knees. To welcome everyone at home back to Hogwarts, multiple initiatives have been put into action to add a touch of Harry Potter to our daily lives.

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Communicating with Kids Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing about COVID-19

Finding the right words and communicating with children about COVID-19 may be difficult right now. Not all the resources out there meet the needs of all children. So, below are some resources that may help with communicating with deaf and hard of hearing children.

The Washington State Department of Health has created an eight-part American Sign Language video series explaining the various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. These videos touch on topics like What is COVID-19, How is COVID-19 Spread, Prevention and Treatment, and more.

video still from ASL COVID-19 Video Series - Introduction

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