Let’s Swim! Kids Edition

Whether your little ones love the water or are a bit more hesitant to jump in, these pictures books celebrate the joy of getting in the water and splashing around. (Find our swimming-related reading for adults here.)

1, 2, 3, Jump! by Lisl H. Detlefsen
illustrated by Madeline Valentine
Recommended for ages 2+
A young girl gets ready for her first time in a swimming pool, learning about what to wear, putting worries to rest, and getting excited about what’s to come.

Bubbles… Up! by Jacqueline Davies
illustrated by Sonia Sanchez
Recommended for ages 3+
Oh, the things you can do underwater! Hanging out at the community pool, a girl does handstands on the bottom, surfaces like a porpoise, and looks for treasure as families play around her. A thunderstorm interrupts the fun, and then it’s back in the water!

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Netflix and Read: Stranger Things

While I can honestly watch Stranger Things over and over and over again we have so much material that adds on to the Stranger Things universe to quench your nerdy hearts. As well as a few reads to give you the same feeling the show did – for all ages!

The Stranger Things Field Guild by Nadia Bailey
An ultimate fan read, get to know your favorite characters even more!

Stranger Things by Jody Houser
Want to know more about Will Beyer’s time in the Upside Down? What about the other children who escaped from Hawkins Lab? And how was the door opened to the Upside Down? Continue the series by reading these graphic novels available though Hoopla Comics. 

Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero
For Andy, Kerri, Nate, and Peter it all started and ended with the Blyton Summer Detective Club in 1977. But turns out their last case wasn’t finished and there is something worse than a man in a mask waiting for them this time. A mash-up of Scooby-Doo meets Stranger Things. Continue reading “Netflix and Read: Stranger Things”

Witchy Reads for a Witchy Autumn

We are approaching one of the most magical times of the year: when the leaves begin to turn, the days get windier, and the spiders come out to leave their shimmery artwork in the gardens for us to admire. Every autumn, it can feel amazing to lean into the spookier side of things and appreciate the coziness and beauty that comes along with the Earth turning towards darkness. For some of us, that means embracing our inner witch! Here are some books from different genres for different age groups about different kinds of witches, all appropriate for you to enjoy this witchy autumn.

Akata Witch by Nnedi OkoraforAkata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor

This a young adult novel about a teenage girl, Sunny Nwazue, who discovers she has special magical powers after moving back to Nigeria from the U.S. with her Nigerian parents. Sunny is both Black and albino, which has led her to feel like a social outcast everywhere she goes, but she finds empowerment as she learns about her powers and uses them to track down a dangerous threat to her community alongside some new friends. Drawing from Nigerian mythology, this is an Afrofuturist witch story that opens a totally exciting world of magical lore to a genre in which non-Eurocentric witch stories are sorely unrepresented. Continue reading “Witchy Reads for a Witchy Autumn”

#BookBingoNW2020: Mentioned in another book

Book Bingo is still underway, and some of those squares may be giving you trouble. Here are some suggestions for the mentioned in another book square.

The beauty of this category is that there are so many books about books to choose from. Additionally, so many books mention other books in them, naturally and surreptitiously, that the possibilities are endless. I just finished a novel, Cantoras by Carolina De Robertis, which is about five queer women’s lives under a dictatorship in Uruguay and this cropped up towards the end:

She was happy. Even under the regime, she managed to be happy. Her favorite book, now, was a used paperback she’d found at the street market at Tristán Narvaja: a translation of To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf, who was British, and dead now, La Venus said, we were never alive at the same time and yet she saw right into me, this book is my Bible and Lily Briscoe is the only Jesus I need.”

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Three on a Theme: Books About Trees for All Ages

There is nothing quite like a book with some really good tree lore in it. Trees have always been a source of awe and inspiration for people, inspiring a sense of intense calm and mystery with their age, stillness, and connection to forces of nature that human beings simply cannot understand. As such, there are some amazing fantasy and science-fiction works that incorporate the magic of trees into their worldbuilding. Sometimes, these trees are characters – as with the Ents of Lord of the Rings – other times, they are life sources, as in James Cameron’s Avatar. Here are three books for different reading levels that incorporate trees in some way or another.

The Overstory by Richard Powers. This novel, which won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, was a very popular Peak Pick until very recently before libraries closed for the pandemic, and it remains a very popular E-Book now that it is available only online. It is compiled of a series of stories which take place over hundreds of years across America, and are all interconnected in some way – namely, in their connection to the trees and the natural world that is unfolding all around them all along. Its own synopsis describes it as an “impassioned work of activism” insofar as it encourages readers to think about man-made threats to the natural world – the world of the trees – in a new and, hopefully, actionable way. Continue reading “Three on a Theme: Books About Trees for All Ages”