New nonfiction – August 2017

Food, scandal, food, memoir, and some more food – enjoy these new nonfiction titles coming out in August 2017. Continue reading

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New fiction roundup – August 2017

The dog days of summer are here – check out a book hot off the presses to round out your summer reading. Continue reading

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#BookBingoNW2017: Genre That Is New To You

Figuring out what to read for this square is different for everybody and may take a little self-reflection. A tricky part is not launching yourself into The Land of Titles That Would Be Horribly Painful And I Would Never Finish, defeating the whole point of actually reading something.  I do recommend spending a few moments pondering your reading landscape and roughly mapping out the edges of your usual genre zones.  Once you know where you’ve been, then take a look at the suggestions below for discovering new territory- this is a great chance to ride the range, fall in Love in the Time of Dragons by Katie MacAlisterlove, witness history, travel through space, slay a dragon, or help a tabby solve a murder.

Not read many sexy dragon humorous romance novels lately? You’re in luck! In Love In The Time of Dragons by local author Katie MacAlister, a suburban mom wakes up in a strange place surrounded by people who insist she is a notorious ancient dragon named Ysolde de Bouchier. My favorite character: Jim, a snarky demon in the shape of a giant Newfoundland dog. Continue reading

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Here’s Looking at You!: Documentary Films about Artists

An artist’s life can be as compelling as the work they produce. A documentary, at best, strives to render a portrait of the artist as honestly as possible. This, of course, is as close as any of us will get to being in the same room with a person whose life and work draws us in.  What will you find that you do not, already, know?  Will this new view enhance the experience of the art or detract from it?

Continue reading

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Business Database Quick Start Guide: DemographicsNow

Are you exploring a business idea or trying to expand your existing small business? You will undoubtedly get to a point where you’ll need to conduct market research to help you form a viable plan and make a strong case to investors or lenders.

The Seattle Public Library subscribes to a wide range of tools that provide this information completely free and easily accessible from our Library to Business page! Stop by any Seattle Public Library location, or log into these resources from outside of the Library with your Library card number and PIN. Continue reading

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The Comic Book Mignola-verse

When I’m asked for comics recommendations, people often bring up “The Big Two”, Marvel Comics or DC, as a starting point. We’re talking Iron Man or Superman. Thor or Batman. Sometimes that’s the right route to take, but other times, a suggestion outside of this much focused-upon segment of the comics medium is the more suitable and interesting course to follow. One suggestion I often make is the work of my personal favorite, artist/writer Mike Mignola (pronounced MIN-YO-LA).

Mignola began his career in the early 1980s, working as an inker and penciller for both Marvel and DC, on comics such as Alpha Flight, Rocket Raccoon, and the Incredible Hulk, eventually finding his idiosyncratic footing with a number of well-regarded Batman mini-series and one-shots, including Batman: Gotham By Gaslight, a retelling of the Jack the Ripper murders.

In 1993, Mignola took a chance with a creator-owned book he didn’t expect to survive more than a few issues. Published in 1994 as Hellboy: The Seed of Destruction by Dark Horse Comics, this character launched an entire story-telling universe that now spans seven unique titles, over two decades, and normalized the publishing of mini-series of stories, rather than the continuous comics “run”. Continue reading

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Get Beachy

Perhaps your summer plans involve lying on a beach, relaxing and soaking in the sun; or maybe not, and you’ll be beach-dreaming on the bus, making furtive excursions to Alki, Golden Gardens, or Magnuson Park. Either way, here are some beachy reads to get you in the summer mindset.

The Shark Club by Ann Kidd Taylor
Maeve, a renowned shark researcher, returns home to the Gulf Coast of Florida after a research trip and makes three startling discoveries: her twin brother has written a novel based on her failed love life; her estranged former fiancé is now the chef at her grandmother’s hotel; and a shark finning operation is killing sharks in the Gulf. Fortunately, there’s also a charming 6-year-old girl who wants to start a Shark Club with Maeve. Continue reading

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