New Nonfiction Roundup – January 2018

Start the new year with a host of self-improvement books, provocative essay collections on race, and a trio of true crime tales from James Patterson.

1/2: Achtung Baby by Sara Zaske. Discover the parenting secrets of Germans from an American journalist who moved to Berlin. Continue reading

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New fiction roundup – January 2018

1/2: The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn – Recluse Anna Fox stays in her New York apartment, drinking wine, watching old movies, and spying on neighbors. Then she sees something shocking happen with the new family across the way. Twisty psychological suspense for fans of Gone Girl and Girl on the Train. Continue reading

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Mindfulness for a New Year

Like most folks, I generally look at the beginning of a new year as a chance to reset, hopefully shedding some of those old, bad habits and starting some healthier new ones. And, as I get older and ponder more deeply how I want to be living my life (rather than how I sometimes find myself living it), I have been searching for ways to be more intentional as I go through my day. Mindfulness meditation, also simply called mindfulness, is a practical way to accomplish this goal that requires surprisingly little time and effort.

While rooted in Buddhism, there are many mindfulness guides and methods that are decidedly modern and completely Western, but all focus on staying present in the moment with the aim of calming the mind. Here are some titles I have found particularly useful in learning the practice of mindfulness meditation: Continue reading

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Second Chance Romance

Everyone has their romance catnip, a trope or plot device that makes it an automatic read for them. One favorite is the rekindled romance with a spouse, often after an estrangement or a marriage by proxy.

In Eloisa James’s The Ugly Duchess, Theo (Theodora) and James have known each other for years, and Theo thought their marriage was one of love. But when she finds that it was purely for her dowry, she escapes London for the Continent, leaving her husband. In response, James leaves as well and sets sail, becoming a notorious pirate. When Theo returns to London, she’s the toast of the Continent—confident in her unusual looks, and distrustful of James. How can he win her back? This is the fourth in James’ fairy tale retellings series. Continue reading

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My Favorite 2017 Science Fiction and Fantasy

Every year I set reading goals for myself. One of those goals is to read as much as possible. I also try to get to a few older books I have been meaning to read. But trying to read the latest releases in literary fiction, nonfiction and science fiction and fantasy is an evergreen reading goal. Here are some of my favorite science fiction and fantasy released in 2017: Continue reading

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New to our digital collections: Seattle’s Town Crier Newspaper

We’ve just added over 1,200 issues from Seattle’s local arts periodical, The Town Crier, to our digital collections. The Town Crier was a weekly magazine focusing on Seattle’s news, arts and culture between 1910 and 1938. Over its lifetime, the paper included coverage of the work of individuals such as Frank Kunishige, Edward S. Curtis, Ella McBride, Kenneth Callahan, Mark Tobey, Roi Partridge, Imogen Cunningham and more.

Every year, the paper produced a lengthier Christmas edition with a cover designed by a local artist featuring holiday articles, reproductions of photographs and artwork from local names, and lengthier features on topics such as Seattle homes, industries and history.

Continue reading

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Our Top 10 Children’s Chapter Books, Poetry, and Graphic Novels of 2017

Yesterday, Children’s Services Librarians from The Seattle Public Library shared our favorite picture books of the year – and today, we want to share our ten favorites for children, in the “everything else” category!: chapter books, poetry, and graphic novels.  Enjoy!

Refugee by Alan Gratz
A gripping, timely novel that follows three children – from different time periods and continents – on their harrowing flights from violence and war, seeking refuge with their families. Continue reading

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